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This Is Not The Time To Get Religious. Let’s Get Up And Stand Together – Illbliss

Oh mehn! The lamentation continues and even illbliss has gotten in line and here is what he has to say.

And by the way all these lamentations go beyond the recent plateau killings and the Otedola Bridge Explosion.

The tears and cry for change is for all the bad bad things the country has been going through for a very long time that has now culminated Into the letting of blood in this present hours as if life has become bread soak In water.

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  • illblissgorettiAs they Sit washing their hands in bowls filled with the blood of innocent and Struggling Nigerians, Let it be Known that Under your watch this country is disintegrating and going up in smoke from avoidable tanker accidents and explosions. Under your watch, innocent lives are massacred in Jos. Under your watch, Christians are persecuted and murdered.Under your watch, herdsmen carry AKs and assault rifles slaughtering the innocent . UNDER Your watch, SARS has become an extorting and violent arm of the Law exploiting the innocent at gun point and violating every Fundamental Human Right of the citizenry…. SO MUCH Blood has spilled across the soil of this country Under Your watch. This is the time to be prayerful but more Importantly the time to be practical! What is my life? Your life ? Truly worth in this country? Whatttt???!! We have lost every iota of faith and confidence in governance. The least we can do is secure our PVC’s and vote ! Let’s act and Pray! This is not the time to get religious. Let’s get up and stand together

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