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Fabalous Congratulates Drake On His New Album SCORPION

Drake is out with a new album and hip-hop heads are already giving it the credits it supposed deserves.

Scorpion is the fifth studio album by rapper . It was released on June 29, 2018 by OVO Sound , Young Money Entertainment, Cash Money Records and
Republic Records. is a
double album consisting of 25 tracks. Its “A side” is primarily a album, whilst its “B side” has been described as R&B and
pop .

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Fabulous took to his page to send a positive shoutout to Drake even though he had failed to attend the Albums Listening party.

  • myfabolouslifeFell asleep & missed the listening party last night in Miami. (you know one of those ima just take a 20-30 min nap but you wake up 2 hours later like 😳) Anyway, missed it but had my own listening session on the plane. Which is actually one of my favorite places to take in albums… So many vibes & catch each 1 smoothly. Talk for the culture, address rumors, satisfy the base, keep the women listening & still talk that talk for the bar fans like myself! & it seems like a project you hear stuff later or take liking to certain songs down the line. Job well done.
    Congrats to my fellow Scorpio brother@champagnepapi on the new project #Scorpion 🦂

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