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Pentecostalism Has Promoted Miracles Over Hard Work – Charley Boy

Nigeria is in a very precarious place at the moment. People are finally waking up and talking much more louder than before because things have actually gone out of hand.

The recent plateau killings was just that last straw to break the camel’s back.

Many Nigerian celebrities have been talking, complaining and shouting. With different perspective to the matter being hauled at us.

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Today being the Lord’s day for Chritians, reacting to a pastors sermon about break through.

Charly Boy or rather Area Father had this to say.

  • areafada1I Decree I know that my people are dying to believe in something especially if it’s magical, because we have the messiah complex. Somebody out there, will come sooner than later, to make all our problems disappear. Na so. That is why we are paralysed and corrupted by fear, we can’t even stand up to injustice. We are waiting for God to come rescue us. Dey der.

    Pentecostalism has promoted miracles over hard work, materialism over spirituality. Even if one goes into pastoring on a pure and innocent level, you can’t help but be corrupted by easy money when you sell hope and create enemies all over. It is a cool way to make a living and make decisions that bring in the cash.
    Pentecostalism na modern-day commercial enterprise garnished in the cloak of religion with deception and exploitation as its foundation.
    Their goal na the complete monetisation of people’s ignorance. It remains the only legally and politically accepted movement completely based upon systematic fraud, deception and cheating.

    Fuck the dirty con men of God,
    dem crooked theology is all for the Naira.
    Na so AreaFada Talk.

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