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The Limits Of Generosity by Alibaba

We shall begin the Monday with a little article from Nigerian celebrity Alibaba and hope it triggers an important part of your consciousness when it comes to generosity as an act.

To properly understand that everything must have its limits even when those things are considered good.

Sometimes what is good when carried out without applying due limits is bound to become a sour taste in ones mouth.


  • alibabagcfrThis morning… I want to bring to you the issue of sacrifices. It’s something we expect of others but in truth, it may often cost too much. That’s why it’s a sacrifice. Many people will try to make you feel bad for not unconvincing yourself to please them.
    They fail to take into consideration the battles you fight too. Let’s take the cases of a man who earns the salary of 800k a month. His rent is 2m a year. Other expenditure follow. Then throw in tax and savings. This man in the eye of the people who know of his salary, will often wonder why he can not give someone he calls a friend 100k for something urgent. The reality is, if this person, a salary earner, succumbs to the generosity driven by sympathy and what people will say, he will be living from hand to mouth.

    Many would ask why should he, even be living in a 2m apartment with that kind of salary. Sadly, and interestingly, it all amounts to the same thing. If he goes where he can pay rent of 800k per annum, the cost of transportation, the quality of life as expected from the wear and tear of daily wake up time, commute, working hours, traffic back home and somethings that can not be bought, will bring his UNSEEN RENT TO 4m.

    Many will not see this. But it’s the truth. It’s like buying a Nigerian used car for 600k… Then spending almost 2.5m in 4 years to keep it in good condition. A tokunbo of 3.5m would have been better. And a 6.5m brand new would have been best.

    But I digress. You see, many people would not see the sacrifice you make. If they did they may wail like this. But sometimes the sacrifices are unseen. One time, a guy whose last financial savings, in the whole Universe was, N375,300, and his younger brother asked for a 200k loan to pay rent. He was supposed to register for a professional exam, that would have cost 250k. He gave it. Postponed his exams till next year.

    Next year, his colleagues who took the exams got promoted. He missed it and vowed he would do it this year and saved up to 400k. Shortly after, the brother in law, had a need for 300k or else he would miss law school. The wife begged. Mother in law begged. His soft side said give. But one WICKED SPIRIT told him not to.

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