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We Will Soon Be Left With Our Oil – Alibaba

It is good to see that Nigerian celebrities like Alibaba would not just stop when it comes to informing our society of what tomorrow can possibly become of our country, in the most uglies of ways if we don’t change our current strides.

It is sad to see that we are still stuck on just primitive ways of competing in the world space in many areas.

Sad to see that we are always led by old heads that are never interested in making advancement like other countries in the world and that might become the start of our fall.

Alibaba earlier today had posted the above image online and has this to say.

  • alibabagcfrWe will soon be left with our oil. Just like we were left with our coal. Or our rubber. Or our cocoa… when that happens, it will be interesting to listen to the budget debates… “We are proposing a 5 trillion Naira budget… based on taxes from Customs and sales of the National stadium, Lagos and Abuja, trade fair complex, MM2, TBS, National Theatre, revenue from toll gates, JAMB and GCE forms… and of course return of some Abacha money”

Just imagine a future where the world no longer needs our oil.

What will become of us?

Currently we don’t even have any other means that makes the same revenue like that accruing from the oil sector or one that can one day replace it.

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