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Wizkid And Tiwa Savage, A Case Of Mere Speculation

Wizkid and Tiwa Savage is that perfect Nigerian celebrity couple that we would have all loved to see, made a reality.

But sometimes even the most sweetest of human thoughts can only remain a “wishful thinking “.

To be Frank. There is nothing too special about them being together other than they could become a power couple.

But think of it! Isn’t wizkid too young to be in a love tangle with a much older woman like Tiwa Savage?

But I digress.

The news captions on many Nigerian celebrity blogs in recent times were all founded on the conclusion that the two of them were at least in love and in a relationship.

Wizkid And Tiwa Savage,

Even though neither Wizkid nor Tiwa Savage has stated anything to that effect many of these bloggers led on by the closeness of the two celebrities just couldn’t wait for a formal announcement of their romance before calling them out as lovers.

First thing first I am not saying that it is impossible for the duo to become lovers. Afterall the closeness is there and their chemistry is quite the obvious one.

But what we see on social media can never be enough criteria for deciding the relationship status of people.

Some people are just too close that it is sometimes hard to not label them but that is still not enough grounds.

Yes! They might actually be lovers and in a secret relationship already but we can’t label them as lovers until they tell us affirmatively.

One crucial fact a lot of people are not taking into consideration is the fact that these two, are entertainers.

And entertainers are known for instigating false situations just for ratings and social media buzz, all for relevance and popularity.

Wizkid And Tiwa Savage,

Controversy is an essential ingreidient in show business. A kind of social media propaganda. Just so, that they remain constantly in the purview of their fans and haters.

With that said.

It his safe to then toe the line of thought stipulating that wizkid and tiwa savage might just be playing a very big game.

It is true that people love gossip news and stuffs like the relationship status of wizkid and tiwa savage is sweet soup to feast on.

At best whatever conclusions you might have arrived at, concerning the both of them are just speculations.

People are speculating. Media houses are speculating and even their images and social stories online are speculating.

So no one knows for sure. Not until they categorically tell us facts.

But personally, I think the both of them are more into this whole love and relationship thing just for the benefit of social media hype and for the relevance of the game.

But if theses two Nigerian celebrities should take that bold step, a power couple they will become.

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