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I Am My Fathers Son – Seun Kuti

How many of you know Seun Kuti? Some would say he is the heir to the throne that Fela left behind.

He is rather unique if you ask me.

One fun fact about gossip chef is that we like scooping Celebrities opinions wherever we can find them and post for your reading pleasure.

And today we bring you Seun Kuti and his loud thoughts as seen on his Instagram page earlier today.


shotsdbossLet me tell you guys how I started. From the day my father died, only a handful of people ever believed in me. In fact family friends and press used to give my career a time span, first it was 2 then it was 5 then it was 7 but it’s been 20 years now. So I have never been one who moved forward with massive support. Not from the public nor in private. I am a man the is propelled by conviction and responsibility. I don’t care about being liked and I surely don’t care about supporters club! I am proud of my dna. I am proud that the dominant gene in my parents union is that of my father. I am proud of his sacrifice and that of those before him. I am proud of all his characteristics and understand all his decisions. I AM MY FATHER’S son.

Ps: guns tend to jam when u wanna use it if it ain’t cleaned so before u eat it, clean it Aii. #unadeyhearwellwell

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