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To My Fellow Entertainers, “Pay Your Taxes” – Xzibit

Xzibit was one of many unique rappers that came through for me. An American rapper that also went on to entertain us with Pimp My Ride.

Then suddenly he just went off the scene.

But he was seen yesterday on Instagram, celebrating a win situation pertaining to his finances.

He had posted the image above along with the following image.

xzibitThis is by no means a “floss” this is a cautionary message to all my fellow entertainers and entrepreneurs, PAY YOUR TAXES!! I made the mistake of trusting people with my financial responsibilities and ended up fucked. People love to spread false and inaccurate information in this day and age, and I suffered for almost a damn decade getting all of this back in order. Stop buying Shit you don’t need, take care of your future and family. If you can’t buy it 3 times…guess what? You can’t afford to buy it once. I wiped all of my debt out and it feels like I’ve had a 300 LB gorilla off my back. No one will take care of your business better than YOU! For those who were celebrating my down time, pls, #keepthatsameenergy and let’s see if all you people in the same place I was, can come out the other side, in tact. Thank you to everyone that supported me thru the tough times and brace yourself for what is now on its way. #openbarentertainment#BrokenGround #KingMaker


Obviously he has been fighting his financially battles behind the scenes but is now finally free from that one.

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