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Why Onitsha Doesn’t Have A Port Still Baffles Me – Alibaba

And here we come again with another thought provoking piece from Nigerian celebrity Alibaba.

For those not already conversant with Alibaba Online existence and how active it is.

You would be glad to know that This very brilliant Nigerian Comedian is one of those Nigerian Celebrities using their celebrity influence well on Social Media.

And today he is talking about the recent gridlock by trailers in Lagos and it’s relationship with the country’s economy.

  • If our government, designated each of these ports ( Akwa Ibom, Port Harcourt, Calabar and Warri) to handle different imports, the ports will reduce traffic on the Apapa end and trigger economic development and improve the standards of the ports. Not to mention save lives and man hours. But no. All trailers must come to Lagos because our government would rather not spend money to activate those ports. Because if those ports were to work, there would be need to dredge, maintain and to provide other administrative needs. Why Onitsha doesn’t have a port still baffles me…. oh I am sorry, I just realized that even the Onitsha bridge looks like it was a mistake, because going by how long it’s taking to get a second bridge, if that bridge was not built in 1975… Onitsha people for they drive to Asaba through Port Harcourt via Patani and Ozoro

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