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Temptation Simply Means Testing For Weakness – Majid

Let us listen to Majid as he preaches to us today on the importance of spirituality.

For those of us not in the knowing of things, Majid is now a born again and his social media posts are in one or the other, about God, Church and Christianity.

  • majidmichelmmyou need to understand that you are not a physical man trying to be spiritual. You are a spiritual man trying to be physical. You are a spirit trying to figure out how this physical thing works. We are unable to figure out how to discipline the physical appetites to bring the body under subjection to the spiritual desires. So most of the time your body is the master of your spirit. But no! your spirit is supposed to be the Master of your body all of the time. The fact that you accepted Jesus today does not automatically kill your physical appetites or protect you from temptation. Matter of fact it’s the beginning of temptation so deal with it and understand that temptation simply means “testing for weakness”. The Bible says Jesus understands every weakness of ours, because he was tempted in every way, in every point, in every respect, in the same way that we are being tempted now, and yet without sin. The fact that you are being tempted doesn’t mean you have sinned, but in a temptation you come to a point of decision. it’s at that point that you need to choose “to walk in the Spirit”, the Spirit we are talking about here is the Holy Spirit. To walk in the Spirit you first need to receive the Spirit. So after you receive the Spirit, now you have to OBEY the Spirit. HOW? John 14:26 Jesus says that the Spirit will bring to your remembrance all the things He said to us. All the things HE Jesus said to us. So first of all you need to study Jesus and study what He’s saying to us. Cos the only way i can prove that i Love Jesus is to do what he tells me. And how can i do what he tells me if i don’t know what he’s telling me? To walk in the Spirit you need to have knowledge of what the Spirit is saying. What is the Spirit saying? JOHN 6:63 “it is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh is no help at all. The “words” that i have “spoken” to you are “Spirit and life.” JESUS’S WORDS ARE SPiRiT. SO TO OBEY THE WORDS OF JESUS, iS TO OBEY THE SPiRiT. in other words when the Holy Spirit brings to our remembrance what Jesus taught us, especially in a time of temptation, and we Listen and OBEY HiS WORDS which are SPiRiT, we are basically “WALKiNG iN THE SPiRiT”. #LEADERSHiP

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