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The Igbo Side Of Yemi Alade That No One Is Talking About

Yemi Alade is that Nigerian Celebrity singer that is one of the A-list in the Nigerian Music industry.

She is beautiful as she is talented. She is one of those females in the industry to always incorporate dance moves in her music videos.

And we love her for that.

Her name Yemi Alade says she is a Yoruba lady. But that is not entirely true.

A child is a product of two units, a man and a woman, a father and a mother.

And while Yemi Alade’ s father is a Yoruba man, her mum is an Igbo woman by the name Helen Uzoma .

She was even given birth to in Abia State.

The reason for this post is that as Nigerians tribalism is a big issue.

You go on Nairaland and you get to see people fighting the war of tribal superiority which I believe is very wrong and a massive blow on our unity as Nigerians.

Yemi Alade

People want to claim the good while denying the bad.

Tribes are so eager to make claims when all that is important is our general identity of being “Nigerians”.

So it is important to note that she represents these two tribes equally. Because she belongs to them equally.

She is both Igbo as she is Yoruba and that is a fact no one can change.

So when next you decide to be a tribalistic bigot, be reminded that Yemi Alade is more than just a Yoruba lady.

You can get more information on her by reading the biography of Yemi Alade.

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