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17 Famous Nigerian Male Singers

So I was thinking, why don’t we shift today’s Nigerian Celebrity Stories  to the music section of the industry and focus our gaze on some Famous Nigerian Male Singers?

There are many famous nigerian male singers in the country today but some are way higher than others on that chart.

So do not be offended if the list fails to contain the names of your favourite Nigerian Male Singers.

- Nigerian Celebrities List Posts

26 Nigerian Female Celebrities That Are Single

In yet another Nigerian Celebrity Stories episode i present to you 26  Nigerian Female Celebrities That Are Single.

Single for their own reasons, from the good to the bad.

But without anyone telling we all know that it is not at all an easy task staying single under the African clone  especially beyond the required age bracket.

These Nigerian Female Celebrities That Are Single  are human in every regard.

It is therefore  a matter of great pain for them to sometimes read about their  lack on blogs by people who just don’t care except for sharing cheap points with other people pain.