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10 Popular Nigerian Female Actors in A Class Of Their Own part 2

10 Popular Nigerian Female Actors in A Class Of Their Own part 2

And now the second part of the popular NIGERIAN FEMALE ACTORS in a class of their own starts here and now.

Nollywood is large. And even though a top 10 list should be able to contain some very important names, it would still not be enough when considering the fact that popular Nigerian Female Actors are way way beyond the number 10.

And to just leave things at top 10 would be an insult to others who share the same class with those on the previous post.

I could have easily made a very Long post of all the popular Nigerian Female Actors Who are in a class of their own but I was aware that a lot of people out there hate to linger too long on any given post.

Now we must begin.

1. Kate Henshaw
2. Shan George
3. Eucharia Anunobi
4. Bimbo Akintola
5. Hilda Dokubo

Some of these Nigerian Female Actors are from the old school, but good acting is a standard that remains no matter the water that passes under the bridge.

They all have popularity, good acting skills, a somewhat immortal relevance and that is just enough credential to qualify for this list.

6. Joke Silva
7. Oge Okoye
8. Chioma Akpotha
9. Uche Jombo
10. Dakore Egbuson Akande

Like in every other field, sometimes the number 1 or rather top dogs loose relevance with time or give up their spot through retirement.

But since acting is all about quality some of these Nigerian Female Actors hardly move a bit except they stop acting.

Even though it is true that the young shall grow, it really takes a long time for an actor to carve her own space or become a bigger name than those already up there.

In fact , it is hard to become bigger, rather the new top dogs must join those before them on the pyramid top and share the same space.

These names together with the names on the previous post are the top 20 Popular Nigerian Female Actors in the industry.

If you think other wise or have an actor to suggest, then feel free to use the comment box.

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