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Kanye West Says He Carries The Spirit Of Fela…Seun Reacts

American Celebrity Is currently that Black Entertainner whose life has become topic for public debate.

With many saying he has gone mad!

But no matter what we think Kanye West really does have a broad mind.

For only a broad mind can actually begin to comprehend that truly everything is spirit and we are just mere containers in possession of all kinds of spirits.

But with all the issues surrounding him at the moment, everyone is desperately trying to see only the bad and not even a glimpse of the good.

Whether we like it or not, Kanye is just his own man. With his own opinions.

Sadly his opinions might be hurting the Black American Community in the US.

Below is the video he made wherein he had claimed to carry the same spirit with greats like and Marley.

And below is how the of Fela (Seun Kuti) responded.

Now that’s harsh!

He even went ahead to tag Bob Marley’s son Ziggy.

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