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Smoking Weed And Chasing After Women Does Not Make You The New Fela

Fela is no ordinary icon, he is beyond the many Nigerian male actors who have died as well as the musicians that are gone.

He is bigger than all of them combined.

This is so because he is not in the same category with them.

Little wonder why a lot of celebrities are eager to claim some relations with the late Afro Beat Legend.

Even some days back Kanye West claimed he also carries the same spirit as Fela which according to him, was also behind the musical exploit of Bob MARLEY.

But it seems just won’t sit down and allow these distant relatives of his departed father any such connect.

According to him.

People will never understand you without going through the education you have tried to promote. Every Tom Dick And Ashy is the new just because they want to smoke igbo and chase women.

How about the sacrifice? How about duty? They want to be Fela and at the same time be the darlings of all the oppressors. All these new Fela’s and those possessed by his sprit hob nobbing with white supremacists.

They think u are great because rappers mention your name,they don’t know that rappers mention ur name so they can feel greatness. What do they know about sacrifice?

What do they know about the trauma that first hand violence has inflicted on our family? The blind leading the blind listening to the deaf speak! Happy 80th. The struggle intensifies!!!

I think he has a point.

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