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The P-square Partnership Was The Best Deal That Ever Happened To Them

The Past few days saw every Nigerian Celebrity News blog make articles on the separation between the P-square brothers.

For many the consequences of that sudden split would end the glorious career they had collectively moulded.

Everyone expected the worse!

No one bother to talk about the fact that Nigeria was able to house one of the most successful musical group in the whole of Africa.

Nobody bothered analysing their success until that point of breakup and score it the obvious merit that was always before us all.

That the duo were able to realise their dream of superstardom and fame . That together they gave Africa a melody peculiar to just them.

That they started a group and it reached a final conclusion worthy of praise.

They made it.

For most blogs it is quite easy to just talk about Nigerian Male Celebrities Who have Died or stories in such categories.

Without taking time out to sometimes make articles like this, for obvious reasons.

But I feel we should talk about the P-square project a bit.

To point some facts on how the group was the miracle they both needed.

The group gave them a shot at fame that actually touched target. It was the platform that helped them explode ! If they had pursued fame individually the story would have been different. They is no guarantee that the both of them would have made it. Maybe one would have failed.

The group helped them to grow. It helped them to become what they are today. Together they were able to complement each other, hiding each other’s flaw. It was for them a practice ground.

It brought them success! Yes that is the most obvious reason why there shouldn’t be any form of regret about their breakup. It brought food to their table and kept it there. As the different images is telling us, they are living quite the expensive life in their different kingdoms. And it is all thanks to the group that is no more.

Today they are both doing well in their individual music career and it is all because of the P-square brand. People know them already. And were all curious to taste their individual project’s. They P-square brand had already prepared for them an enabling environment and fan base to make manifest their craving for personal glory.

Conclusively, without the P-square brand it would have been impossible to have the Rude Boy And Mr P persona.

So what many many think was failure was actually the next stage of their musical career .

Just like what happened to Plantashun Boiz.

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