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Nigerians Should Focus Less On Celebrities And More On Government

There is this between topics of , in secret societies and blogs.

People are fascinated by the unknown which is normal but it is becoming a mind trap for a lot of Nigerians who really should be focusing on more important issues.

The truth is the matter of illuminati is currently not something to be listed on our priority list.

We have more serious issues directly affecting us that needs direct reactions, which unfortunately we are not attending to.

And this is exactly what addresses with the write-up below which is a reaction to the image you are seeing.

Please stop with the Illuminati nonsense and face the real issues. Let me just tell u something. I know u think all these your celebrities and fashionistas are powerful because of how they control u but in the real world they are all just employees claiming to be the boss as talib says.

In Nigeria all the money everyone is using to pose for you is urs. Heard of something called MONEY LAUNDERING? Don’t be deceived by fantasies to the extent that reality escapes you.

Use your data right and google the right shit. Stop wasting everything including your brain!!!”


Money Laundering and Corrupt Politicians are the factors dragging is back and not some fictational illuminati cult that is shrouded in mystery.

Nigerians wake up!

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