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The Lotus Inspired Tattoo That Moet Abebe Wants You To See

Nigerian Celebrity is back again with a new tattoo, no.11 to be precise.

Some days back I had written about Moet Abebe And Tattoo no.10 and just few days after, tattoo no.11 is staring at us.

With the rate at which she is pursuing this tattoo addiction, before she gets to the neighbourhood of her fifties she would have become an animated copy of conflicting ink jobs.

But then that’s her own choice.

Tattoo 11 seems to have arrived with its own story. One she is eager to narrate.


Tatt no. 11… Here is the back story
Well for quite some time I have been obsessed with all the spiritual symbolisms of “The Lotus Flower”… It is a flower that experiences immaculate conception every day.. Now I have often viewed myself as being similar to a lotus flower as it has a life cycle unlike any other. With its roots based in mud, it submerges every night into murky river water, and undeterred by its dirty environment, it miraculously re-blooms the next morning without residue on its petals.
I know it’s easier said than done; but I have refused to be limited by my “yesterday” … I’m resilient and like the lotus flower I will not be defined by my past or my current situation.. Thank you @boomta2 for this gorge piece of Art 😘😘😘 and you know I shall be back lol ❤️❤

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