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I Started Dreaming of Being a successful Comedian, From 1988 – Ali Baba

There is always something to talk about when it comes to . Because he is always addressing issues on a daily basis.

He is a social crusader in the same breath that he is a . After all the both are hinged on ideas and the expression of these ideas.

Today on our segment we shall be talking about dreams and how it feels to finally become the main character in one’s own success story.

According to Ali Baba.

I started dreaming of being a successful comedian, from 1988. I had to match that with action. Most of those sacrifices… looking back 30yrs ago, its clear now, that a baton of opportunity was handed to me, to run a race that will then crystalize into an industry. Thanks to all my dream helpers. From that striptease lady in, Bendel State University, Ekpoma, to the DG of NTA, and all my current dream helpers, thank you all. God bless you in everything you do.


I can relate!

Major dreams, they take time and sometimes it is frustrating. Frustrating because dreams don’t often follow a set plan. They have their own course to run and only those with a strong belief base usually endures the journey.

But at the end of that road is a success story like no other. For Ali Baba that dream led to a new industry of stand up comedy in .

But he had help along the way.

Which means if you are a dreamer like myself, you must make sure that you seek out those that can help you.

No man is an island.

We all need the help of others no matter what we think of our individual prowess.

And when you do make it, remember to stay grateful.

Keep dreaming!

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