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I Go Save And His View Points On Political Campaigns And Vote Selling

“This is Nigeria and we are all criminals”. A true fact that even the good life of being a cannot evade.

The criminality in our system is like cancer, spreading wide and eating deep. Sometimes you loose the composure to be different and just want to become part of the problem.

I Go Save feels that way already! And he is ready to play along, to become lost in the madness.

To legally sell himself into political slavery. While doing it without shame, that is the central theme in every kind of filled with awe.

But don’t we all feel the same way?

Is it not better to sell one’s vote for a cheap price than for the INEC to sell it behind our backs for free?

I think vote buying and selling is the next level of organised election rigging in Nigeria. And it is the one battle that no one has the right to feel guilty for, because this is Nigeria.

Evidently Feels That Way Also.

Watch him talk on the issue!

In another related I Go Save Was Caught talking about political campaigns.

Truth be told a lot of are now coming out of the closet and speaking their minds like they should.

They are now using their star power to affect a consciousness change that is really needed in the fight against corrupt leaders.

But for Nigerian Comedians like I Go Save humour and sarcasm is never a bad idea when addressing the Nigerian story.

And this one is definitely FUNNY!


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