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Charles Inojie And The Changes Thus Far

Charles Inojie is currently the face of visual comedy in Nigeria. But that claim was started a long time ago.

It is not every theatre arts student that eventually makes it to the A list, in the Nigerian Industry or other same industry out there.

He started the journey with belief as the magic wand and today, he is a name we all can claim notice of.

But how much change since then?

The recent #10YearsChallenge has enable us to see our favourite Nigerian Celebrities from a perspective of less appeal than is usually the case.

And we are grateful for the moment.

The picture above was taken in the year 1996, when as a young man Charles Inojie was given the chance that would change his life for the better.

A chance he made very good use of. And according to him.

But the point is, everything takes time. Before any goal or aim is achieved, there is a journey that must first be embraced.

Today Charles Inojie is no longer the skinny dude from yesterday.

He is no longer a member of the unknown. He has come a long way and it is the journey itself that has blessed him.

He is a Nigerian actor celebrated for his comical values and that, and that is what awaits you.

That is, if only you can just belief!

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