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Nigerian Celebrity Marriages In Entertainment Industry Today

There are celebrity couples in every country. They are the so called power couples. Over here we can comfortably tag them Nigerian Celebrity Marriages.

The marriage of influence that everyone dreams of but which sadly, hardly makes it to the finish line.

They carry the potential of a union that by necessity is qualified to survive the storms but in practice, these celebrity marriages have proven they lack the stamina.

One crazy aspect to these failed celebrity marriages is that, the more famous the Celebrities involved the higher their chances of breaking up.

And i think the main issue lies with the fact that celebrities live their lives in the open.

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But that is not to say that there are no exceptions. There are Nigerian Celebrity Marriages that are quiet.

They dont showcase their private lives on social media, no begging for the opinion of followers that really dont care.

These are the few that make it to the finish line.

But there is a price!

The silence that protects them from public intrusion often times systematically buries their fame.

But that is a matter for other day.

Among the many Nigerian Celebrity Marriages that is bound to grace the pages of 2019.

The marital vows between Simi and Adekunle Gold would remain for me the best highlight.

And thus, my prayers for them is that they make it through the finish line.

They succeed, so that we can yet again celebrate another Nigerian Celebrity marriage like that of 2face And Annie Idibia.

Among the few Nigerian Celebrity Marriages left to admire, that of the Idibia’s is a special kind of union.

You look at them and you see humility and simplicity at its best.

No too much display of affection online but whenever they grace the gram, it is evident that that is a marriage that is deep and well rooted.

Something tells me that, both Simi and Adekunle Gold would make a fine and lasting couple.

Simply because they are the quiet type. The kind of couple that would keep the important pages of their live off social media while still playing along.

Now let us talk about the current state of Nigerian Celebrity Marriages as we have them today.

Some days back news of marital crisis between Yvonne Jegede and her husband Abounce filtered through our various news feed.

And the bone of contention was pegged on infidelity and a possible case of a bastard child.

I am not saying that is the factual truth behind the crisis.

What i am saying is that different sources are citing that same reason for the discontent between the couple.

And if that is the case, then it seems unfaithfulness is a majot trait shared by these celebrities.

If you can go back memory lane, revisiting the marriage crisis between Tiwa Savage and Tee Billz, the issue of infidelity was also at the centre of the mess.

And yet again, in that same industry we are facing another possible breakup centered on that same very reason.

Is it then fact, that these Nigerian Female Celebrities cant keep their legs close?

If that is the case, then not only is the lack of private life an impediment to a lasting marriage for these Nigerian Celebrities, infidelity is also a core factor.

But who can blame them. When as a female entertainner, men would in thier drove come your way not because of the craft itself but for sex.

Because at the end of the day, for many men out there, women are nothing but mere sex objects.

And fame only made the sex worth it and the bidders more sophisticated.

The truth is, it is hard for a lot of celebrities to enjoy marital bliss because wethere they like it of not they are just a sexual obsession to some fan and admirer out there.

Admirers who just dont care how many Nigerian Celebrity Marriages crumble just so that their sexual appetite is sated.

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