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#RipNipseyHussle TIP Responds

The pain is there and its real. And for many, the death of Nipsey Hussle would always be looked at as a terrible tragedy.

Many American Rappers are reacting. Earlier today i posted The Game’s response and now, may we listen to what Tip has to say.


Been waiting on wisdom,peace,& understanding about this whole situation,because I’m the same thing on Bankhead as he is to Crenshaw & odds are I’d handle myself the same exact way in that situation. WHY HIM AND NOT ME?!?! What have I done so right that kept me here and removed him from his loved ones and extinguished his future? If GOD really want US to fight on the front lines for the liberation of our own people then how is something like this supposed to contribute? Why do we now (&always) have to do it without one of our strongest soldiers alongside US?!?! How do we look his wife,children,& parents in the eyes when WE ALL KNOW WE FAILED HIM!!!! Our culture killed Nip… the very thing he fought for turned right around and snatched him away from US…. The same “fuck waiting my turn” ass energy that Jon Gotti introduced into the Mafia when him and Sammy “The Bull” killed Paul “Big Paulie” Castellano to make Gotti the Boss of the Gambino Crime Family When he (Gotti) disagreed with Paulie’s vision for the family. And then,just as karma would have it… Sammy “The Bull” would later turn right around and send Jon Gotti to prison where he’d later die alone in a cell. Listen…This is an energy and a culture that WE MIMIC…ITS OF AN EVIL THATS NOT US!!!! WE’RE FAR BETTER THAN THAT!!!! That self serving disrespect of the hierarchy,& disregard for the game KILLED THE MAFIA… one of the strongest longest running operations in HISTORY was ended as a result of 1 move. WE MUST LEARN FROM HISTORY & find the lessons in our losses… DONT LET MY PATNA DIE IN VAIN BY CONTINUING TO PERPETUATE THE SAME STUPIDITY!!! If you love Nip for real… READ A BOOK TODAY IN HIS HONOR!!!! Lil bro was one of the only niggas I ever met on this rap shit that gave me a book to read. To know better is to do better… STOP ACCEPTING THE BLISS OF IGNORANCE & Learn your way out your situation like HE DID!!!! Woke up wit this shit on my heart. WE ALL MISS YOU LIL BRO!!! Wish I could’ve done more. Now I question if it’s even worth trying. Woke up feeling like 🖕🏽🌏🤷🏽‍♂️💔

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