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#RipNipseyHussle Beanie Sigel Responds

The numbers of American Rappers crying out their frustration and disbelief that a good brother like Nipsey Hussle could just be murdered so easily by his own coloured brother is rapidly increasing.

The beauty of all these responses is that we are getting different perspective targeted at the same topic.

And it is refreshing.

Beanie attacks the issue from another angle.


I read a lot of comments for the past few days of people expressing there fillings and love for @nipseyhussle I know without a doubt his family and children our hurting and has & alway will have genuine love & will miss him dearly… But I cant help but think is all the love that has been posted is genuine or just for this device I watch so many fall victim to.. This brother died a humiliating death and so many people raced to post the footage on there ig’s and I’m disgusted to hear how he in-powered so many people and to see people flee from that man and live him for dead is unbelievable! In all business & the streets you always protect the connect ! Where was the shooters ? We know the drop is law but how was he able to leave the scene untouched no shoots fired back.. Sad.. Comfortability is a double edge sword .. Always the ones close to you 🤦🏽‍♂️ keep your circle tight huh , I know no first hand sooner or later that circle ⭕️ will roll off on you then what? Some times it’s hip to be square.. I know some might say I be tripping because I think different, but I say y’all tripping because y’all all think the same !! When you truly love someone you advise them wisely you don’t let them crash !! Weather they agree with you or not you find a way to keep them out of harms way at all cost never leave a real one for dead.. We will all taste death but at least try and be honest with your self.. The R.i.p’s sound good but do you think he can really smile the flowers now🤔 time will tell through the support shown to his family and children… Brooklyn gave Biggie a parade but I wonder how my people keep in contact with Ms Wallace, C.J & Teyanna ? Just my thoughts, but who am I .. Broken heart for @laurenlondon and the family.. 😞

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