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What Is The Relationship Secret Between Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez

American celebrities fall in love like its child’s play, little wonder why they fall out so easily. Jennifer Lopez is in love again but whether it would be for the the last, its hard to tell.

Alex Rodriguez is her current love focus, and she is eager to let us in, on the secret that has kept them glued for this long.

They are already engaged and cant wait to be made “One”.

In a recent CRWN interview with TIDAL’s Elliott Wilson, J.Lo talked about their relationship and why it is a perfect match.

According to her, “Being in the public eye, having something happen at a young age, having a certain level of fame, both being latino, both being scrutinized, making mistakes, and still enduring…we have similar trajectories and journeys.”

“We both grind in the same way. Like, I always thought I was the hardest worker until I met him. People around him used to tell me he did this and this, and I’m like, ‘God that sounds like me.'”

“I think we have just such a mutual respect and admiration for each other, that it makes us love each other more.”

The summary of which is, J.Lo is in love with his deligence and working ethics that is similar to hers.

In other words they have too many similarities that they just cant help but fall into each others arms.

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