Kanye Thinks Having Lots Of Kids Is The Richest Thing

Kanye West is many things. Ranging from musical genius to social media lunatic.

We know this much because Kanye West is a man that speaks his mind and he does not care about your opinion.

So recently he had a sit down at his Airpool Karaoke event with James Corden.

And from it we were able to get into the head of a man many think is not mentally correct at the moment.

Among many things, his talk on kids is what I would want us to focus on today.

According to Kanye West: “[I want] seven kids. The richest thing that you can have is as many children as possible.”

That is what a lot of black men currently on the African continent believe in.

And it is surprising to know that Kanye West also shares the same opinion.

Do you think having many children is indeed a show of riches on earth?

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