This Is Not The Adele We Used To Know

This is definitely a new Adele. A thinner Adele who has finally defeated those stubborn adipose tissue.

This is a new Adele that wants to take control of her health.

Adele used to be very fat. So fat that it is really a big surprise to us all that somehow she managed to reduce so much in size.

But I must confess the thinner Adele is definitely a super charged version of the British Diva.

Thinner Adele

Now she is in her best shape ever, which means more confidence and sexiness.

For those still thinking that loosing stubborn fat is just a theoretical possibility.

Now you have another Celebrity proof to help you think other wise.

Thinner Adele

She took control of her diet and then became a serious gym visitor and the end result is what we are now seeing.

A diva with the right looks to fit her Celebrity status.

She is now 🔥

I hope her weight loss story inspire you enough to get you up from that chair, fling the soda away and switch off the TV set and go out there and change how you look.

Remember this thinner Adele is a product of hard work and strict dieting.

So give yourself time and what comes next would really change your life.

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