7 Youthful Richard Mofe Damijo Pictures

I think it should be considered normal, Richard Mofe Damijo pictures making Nigerian celebrity news all by themselves! Each image telling their own tale.

The man is a special order within the Nigerian Movie industry. Personally he is one of those celebrities whose lifestyle has encouraged me to become more bold as a person.

He wears his baldness with an enviable grace as if it does not matter. He is his own person and that boldness translates into a kind of sexiness hard to ignore.

That boldness being contagious has helped guys out there like myself, wear that bald look as if it is the new kind of Hot! It is therefore the norm to go check the images of Richard Mofe Damijo on a daily basis as if to get fresher instructions on how to look comfortable in our own skin.

He is the grand father that we would love to grow up into. His swag is always aloof the corruption of time and old age. He portrays himself in way that says “come and be old with me“.

Truly age is nothing but numbers, nothing more. And that is exactly the message one would get at first glance from these Richard Mofe Damijo pictures.

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I would be writing the biography of Richard Mofe Damijo anytime soon. And hopefully through it share some needed information about his journey so far.

Images Of Richard Mofe Damijo

You see guys getting out of touch with reality when it comes to their aesthetic value. They say to themselves that they are now too old for many things and unfortunately, their looks is also part of that unnecessary list.

And that is how they degenerate into the worse copy of themselves. They bring oldness into their lives, they abhor the idea of associating with youthfulness and with that comes the frailness of the mind.

They accepted the old age theory of degeneration. Their version of advancing in age is to become an helpless copy of their earlier days. And this is where they fail.

Images Of Richard Mofe Damijo

They said to themselves “when i get over 50, i would stop trying

They stopped advancing in life because of this mindset. They stopped dancing and singing, they become too serious with life. It is like a death sentence for them.

All they now unconsciously do is wait for the end to come. For sickness and diseases to overcome their physical constitution, while they ignorantly accept the lie that this is what old age is all about.

Images Of Richard Mofe Damijo

He was born 6 July 1961 in Aladja community of Udu Kingdom, near Warri, Delta State. Which means he is almost 60 years of age but all you see is swag and a blatant refusal to be anything else but active and alive, living the best life possible.

He is the man because he understands that to be young is carry the idea of being young always in our heads and heart and that is how the magic is sustained.

But there are many out there crawling under the self imposed burden of being old and frail. Condemning themselves to the darkness of unnatural limitation.


Just because they have stayed a little too long on this earth.

They fail to understand that to become young is to look and act young.To stop oneself from the illusion that to be an adult means to stop playing, to stop being carefree sometimes.

When i look at Richard Mofe Damijo pictures all i see is an adult that has mastered the riddle of staying relevant. Someone who now knows how to keep the child inside of him alive.

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According to a study:

THE recipe for leading a long and healthy existence is maintaining a young mindset, being immature from time to time and regularly enjoying a touch of nostalgia.

Dr Meg Arroll, a psychologist on behalf of Healthspan, said: “Perceiving ourselves as younger than our age is linked to a more future-orientated outlook, which means that we make better health choices such as engaging in exercise and healthy eating.”

“The findings of this survey support previous research that has shown nostalgia boosts our mood.

”Which may be why the majority of survey respondents stated that Christmas was their favorite time of year as this is a time when adults shake off their daily worries and jump into playing games, spending time with loved ones and reconnecting with their inner child.”


I do not know what your story is but i believe that you can get the same inspiration just by looking at these Richard Mofe Damijo pictures.

The catch, is that we should all treat  ourselves like celebrities do. To be alive and forever young like the magnificent Nigerian celebrity Richard Mofe Damijo.

He is the man simply because he has refused to grow old!

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