15 Amazing Nigerian Female Singers

There are many Nigerian female singers some you would find on our beautiful list of  famous Nigerian female celebrities that are still single.

These are power ladies, in the sense that they are achievers and consequently influencers of public opinion.

In this time and age in our country’s history these ladies can make a difference with their collective voices.

In a male dominated industry these collected Nigerian female singers stand shoulder to shoulder with their male counterparts .

Receiving the same recognition and opportunity to reach the very height of their dreams.

I intend to put in writing names only of those among them who have really touched the same levels underneath the throne of such artists like Burna Boy and 2face Idibia.

Shall we?

Amazing Nigerian Female Singers

1. Asa

Nigerian female singers

This lady is a special breed. She carries herself through her nostalgic voice like someone with a message from the Oracle.

She is in a class of her own and her aura, speaks of a woman that once played the role of a story teller, selling her tales to those who dare to listen.

She could easily be categorized into One of the finest female singer to have come out of Nigeria.

She is unique!

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