Nigerian Male Celebrities

15 Nigerian Male Celebrities That Are Single And Love It

These Nigerian male celebrities that are single are some of the most famous as well as sexiest in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Today, our celebrity news and gossip gist would be taking its lenses and casting it upon those single Nigerian Male Celebrities still out there and still living the best life ever!

Yea! Freedom! Ye!

Yes freedom is the best life. To be free to be you. To lead the authentic life of complete alpha status. And not be bothered by what one female somewhere wants.

You simply just do what you like and all for your greatest good. You are cocky and proud and all you think about is the health of your manhood and it’s place in society.

Yes! That life!

But being a celebrity and being single is a win win situation.

It means you have what it takes to enjoy that freedom. You have the money and fame that is the magic through which freedom is best expressed.

Especially sexual freedom.

You are everywhere because you can afford it.

You can fish where you want to and can be so selfish that the only thing you would want from any woman is a one night stand.

With this kind of pleasure attainable on this level of privilege no wonder a lot of Nigerian celebrities are remaining single as if it’s a religious affair.

Today we are not here to talk about Nigerian female celebrities without makeup or any such stories. We are here to talk about an important aspect in the sexual department of celebrated men in the Nigerian Entertainment Industry.

Their Bachelor Status!

  1. Timaya

For some of these Single Nigerian Male Celebrities life with all kinds of women in it, with different sizes and shapes is the ideal life.

And Timaya is one among the many.

He currently has a baby mama that lives with him and has two daughters for him. But it is quite obvious that he is that ladies man that just won’t retire.

A fact that was again expressed when he recently announced the arrival of his first male child by another baby mama outside Nigeria.

With the way things are, it is safe to conclude that Timaya would be single for the longest part of his life.

2. Alex Ekubo

Alex Ekubo Is one fine bachelor in the Nigerian Entertainment circle that should be having a lot of females on his plate.

No doubt about that one.

Alex Ekubo (born Alex Ekubo-Okwaraeke ; 10 April 1986) is a Nigerian actor and model . He was the first runner up at the 2010 Mr Nigeria contest.

Ekubo is a native of Arochukwu, Abia State. He attended the Federal Government College Daura, Katsina State. He studied Law at the University of Calabar and later got a diploma in Mass Communication from Calabar Polytechnic.

Ekubo’s film debut was a minor role in Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen’s Sinners in the House (2005); his first major role was in Ladies Men several years later.

3. Bryan Okwara

He falls into the same category of sexy Nigerian Male Celebrities like Alex Ekubo and Uti.

The one thing they all share together, would be modeling apart from acting which is also a common thread weaving through their professional lives.

Bryan Okwara (born Ikenna Bryan Okwara ; 9 November 1985) is an Igbo Nigerian actor and pageant contestant who won the title of Mr. Nigeria in 2007 and reached the semi-finals in the Mister World 2007 competition.

4. Uti

These days he is one of those single Nigerian Male Celebrities that could be easily classified as a presenter.

Because that’s where he is a regular on the Jara show with Helen Paul.

Uti Nwachukwu (born 3 August 1982) was the winner of Big Brother Africa 5.

Uti began his acting career 2011. And had so far featured in several movies since then.

Nigerian Male Celebrities

11 Best Dressed Nigerian Male Celebrities

11 Best Dressed Nigerian Male Celebrities

The same way we have bald Nigerian celebrities is the same way we have best dressed Nigerian male celebrities.

There are of course different categories of Nigerian celebrities and on this post we shall be focusing on the best dressed.

I have been thinking about making this post for a long time now and today happens to be that day.

When you go social media and you are tuned into the Nigerian celebrities frequency, you start seeing their images popping up on your feed.

You get to see the best, the worse and those in between when it comes to looking good.

The fact that these Nigerians are famous and rich does not necessarily mean they know how to look good in appearance.

Some of them just buy expensive rubbish, put them on like the assemblage of a corporate lunatic and then end up looking annoying.

But then there are those of them who have remained consistent in this business of looking good and today we shall be listing them out for you to make your own analysis.

These Nigerian celebrities photos are self explanatory, in the sense that you look at them and you instantly know the truth for a fact.

This list of best dressed Nigerian male celebrities is arranged in no particular order.

Which means there is no such thing as a first, second or third. This is happening despite the fact that I have a no.1 in mind.

The list is basically a grouping of male celebrities who consistently dress to appeal to the senses and we are here to call them out.

Here we go.

1. Timaya

Best Dressed Nigerian Male Celebrities


Best Dressed Nigerian Male Celebrities

2. RMD


Best Dressed Nigerian Male Celebrities

3. Jim Iyke


Best Dressed Nigerian Male Celebrities

4. Jidenna

Best Dressed Nigerian Male Celebrities


5. Ebuka

Best Dressed Nigerian Male Celebrities

These Nigerian celebrities are drawn from the different sectors of the entertainment industry.

But they all hold one trait in common and that is good looks and swag that is consistently on display.

From singers to actors and even a blogger in the person of Noble Igwe, the idea is to create a rich list of good looking Nigerian male celebrities.

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6. Alex Ekubo

Best Dressed Nigerian Male Celebrities

7. Ik Ogbonna

Best Dressed Nigerian Male Celebrities


8. Bryan Okwara

Best Dressed Nigerian Male Celebrities

9. Dbanj

Best Dressed Nigerian Male Celebrities

Best Dressed Nigerian Male Celebrities

10. Noble Igwe

Best Dressed Nigerian Male Celebrities

11. Uti

Best Dressed Nigerian Male Celebrities

Hope the post was as appealing as the photos themselves?

And hope you had a good read?

It is obvious that there are others that might actually qualify to be on this list of best dressed Nigerian male celebrities. But since our Nigerian celebrity stories are forever evolving, their names would find their place eventually.

If you want them added then use the comment box to make your mentions.

I will look into them and if found worthy then will add them.

Nigerian Female Celebrities

22 Sexiest Nigerian Female Celebrities

Sexiest Nigerian Female Celebrities

If you had to make a list of the top sexiest Nigerian Female celebrities, are you confident that your choice would receive a resounding “YES!” from your readers.

The problem with most of the top sexiest list out there is that those lists are compiled with just Fame as the very basis for selection. Even though this is a Nigerian Celebrity News post, we are going to try our best to be objective.

That is why Fame would be the last on our list of criteria.

The word SEXIEST is direct. And in lay man terms “when a person earns the name SEXIEST then it means that person exudes sexiness”.

It means we look at the person and we get sexual desires or images.

With that in mind I intend to make a long list of the Sexiest Nigerian Female Celebrities with sexiness as the central theme and nothing else.

I don’t care how famous you are or if your financial status is off the roof, as long as you are not making my sexual fire burn bright when I look at you, you are definitely not going to be included on this list.

Curves and thickness can qualify you among many other things.

So let the counting begin.

Sexiest Nigerian Female Celebrities

1. Yemi Alade

She is thick and sexy, the kind of lady whose body is a testament to the fact that the right amount of flesh and curve on a woman can actually without much work get any man sexually enslaved.

Viewing any of her music videos you would be confronted by curves and thickness that can actually move. Which means her sexiness is a flexible kind.

And no normal man with the right amount of testosterone in his veins can ignore a flexible sexiness. We are all like a woman that can actually dance.

2. Chika Ike

Chika Ike has always been sexy but recent times has seen her transform into nothing else but a sex object, a fact that is evident with the many images of her bold semi nude displays on her Instagram timeline, ranging from the usual cleavage bearing shots to the bikini images declaring her enhanced curves to the world.

These days all she does is show the world through her Instagram page that she is a woman with curves and a fair complexion to die for.

3. Moet Abebe

The image above tells you all you need to know about Moet Abebe. She is one of the most confident celebrity that we have today in the industry who naturally don’t have any issue with exposing a large amount of nudity for all to see.

We have seen her images with nipples standing out as if reacting to the Nigerian anthem. We have even seen those beautiful strong nipples with piercing cutting through them like the lust of a sex deprived man.

This lady is the real definition of bold and sexy.

And she is really thick in the right places, leaving little to the imagination as if presenting a live bait. One that any natural man would easily fall for.

To be sexy is to command sexiness. It is to be comfortable in your sexuality in a way that admits that you are definitively a sex object but with class.

In other words you present yourself not as a whore but a woman who knows of her sexual powers and is comfortable in expressing its magic.

This post is not about the kind of sexiness that a pretty face would normally command.

But it is rather about the kind that is brought forth by curves and some amount of soft flesh to enchant the eyes and consequently spark desire.

That is why this Sexiest Nigerian Female Celebrities list is focused not only on facial beauty but bodily aesthetics as well.

4. Anita Joseph

Just like the beautiful mother of dragons in The Game of Thrones, this lady is one of the few mothers of curves in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

I can’t really tell if those curves are real or a product of expensive surgery procedures, which is unlikely. But one thing that is certain is that those curves are one of a kind and not many can actually contest that thickness in the industry.

This Mammy is THICK!

5. Rukky Sanda

There only few in the industry that can actually compete with her when it comes to showing off body parts like no man’s business.

It is either she is showing ample amount of cleavage today or those long sexy legs tomorrow but no matter the place or time, Rukky is that Nigerian female celebrity that is ready to serve sexiness.

And that sexual fire is always displayed with equal boldness.

6. Lilian Esoro 

The ex wife of Ubi Franklin is hot! hot!! hot!!! At least that is the way she likes describing herself whenever she decides to post a new image of her sweetness on social media.

And who would blame her ?

She is hot and she is confident in that knowledge. Believe me when i tell you that there is hardly anything more sexier than a sexy lady that is confident about her beauty.

7. Beverly Naya

Beverly Naya is bold and beautiful. She carries her chest with pride because after all a woman’s beauty is incomplete without the right shape and size of those natural orbs hanging firm in front of them.

Hers is on a mission.

Looking through the list, it is quite obvious that some of the actresses did not even make our top list of Nigerian Female Actors.

And that is because popularity can not buy sexiness.

Sexiness is in fact another kind of fame and not all celebrities are entitled to it.

The fact that you are famous does not immediately translate to sexiness. But the truth is fame is another kind of sexiness.

But that is not the kind of sexiness we are concerned with on this post.

We are here to focus on curves, on exposed body parts and the images of sex that it conveys.

8. Nancy Isime

Sexiest Nigerian Female Celebrities

Not every female can still look beautiful with low cut. A feat that Nancy is known for. She is an actor but when it comes to beauty and sexiness you must look at her as a model because that is how her sexiness is being portrayed.

She is blessed with both facial and bodily curves and that low cut is the crown that sets her apart as one of the most beautiful faces in Nollywood.

9. Ini Dima okojie

Sexiest Nigerian Female Celebrities

10. Yvonne Jegede

Sexiest Nigerian Female Celebrities

One theme running through these images if you are observant is the breast awareness popping through.

Look at the shape and sizes of those Nigerian celebrities boobs!

Another factor is the amount of flesh deliberately exposed.

And that is just it.

A lot of Nigerian Female celebrities are sexy but only those bold enough to display that sexiness can in fact be called one.

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11 Rita Dominic

Rita Dominic is beautiful and her sexiness among many other things is derived from her refusal to grow old, just like Genevieve Nnaji that is listed below.

These Nigerian female celebrities has remained ageless for as long as i can remember. With bodily beauty that has stayed matured and ripe, refusing to get corrupted by the natural erosion of time.

They are aging gracefully and their bucket of sexiness can really filled up any ocean of lust.

12. Genevieve Nnaji

Here she is. Boss lady that is the embodiment of ageless sexiness and grace. We all like a sexy lady that has her own money and an ambition that equates her with big male brands in the industry.

Some months back she set the internet on fire when she released a bikini picture of her self on a beach. At her age her body fat level is like that of a teenage girl and we just couldn’t get enough.

She is responsible for the  2018 blockbuster Lionheart  which was acquired by Netflix on 7 September 2018, making it the first Netflix original film produced in Nigeria. It was also her directorial debut.

The movie was also submitted to the Oscars, making it the first time that Nigeria had submitted a film for the Best International Feature Film at the Oscars.

13. Stephanie Linus

She is sexy and she knows it. This lady is among the very few Nigerian female actors that got me glued to the TV screen watching Nollywood movies while growing up.

She is is tall, beautiful and talented.

This mammy gets little credit for the many aesthetics value that she represents on our screens. A woman that is black and beautiful.

14. Ini Edo

Sexiest Nigerian Female Celebrities

Ini Edo has always been beautiful and her spot as one of the biggest name in the Nigerian Movie industry could easily remain unchallenged for years to come.

But being a lover for clout and admiration the Nigerian celebrity would go under the knife and the result of the body modification is the curves well represented on that image above.

Yes! She has always been beautiful but not as curvy as she now looks and as a celebrity with the right connect and money, she bought her self the kind of curves she has always wanted and we cant help but admire her new imagery.

15. Tonto Dikeh

This is another beautiful drama queen in the industry. I think she was the first to go under the knife to get a backside that most people including me believe was not properly fitted.

But still she remains sexy despite the ill fitted curves that did little for her sexy profile. She has always been beautiful with her own share of body aesthetics many men would kill for.

The surgery was just an extra that really didn’t add much.

16. Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde

Sexiest Nigerian Female Celebrities

There was a time when there existed some kind of rivalry between between Genevieve Nnaji and Omotola. Which is a normal thing because at that time and even at this very moment, these ladies are considered the biggest and most successful names in the industry.

These mothers are sexy and they know it. These mothers are talented and it was only normal that they existed some kind of competition between them.

But it is all in the past now.

17. Mercy Johnson

And it is not just about exposing of soft and tender flesh but sometimes the sexual confidence that is expressed when a thick female like Anita Joseph wears a tight fitting dress or a fully endowed mercy Johnson takes the front stage and every male in attendance begin to understand the full meaning of sexual frustration.

Mercy Johnson is another big name in the industry with big bodily asset and is never afraid to display them when possible.

She is married with kids yet exudes the sexiness and vigor of a single celebrity.

18 Kate Henshaw

Sexiest Nigerian Female Celebrities

Old age is a thing of the mind as well as of the past. Take a good look at Kate Henshaw and what you see is a woman who has mastered the art of staying young and sexy by living healthy and making the gym her second abode.

She is among the few fitness conscious female celebrities in the industry today and the reward is her ever youthful look coupled with a sexiness that only few her age can match.

19. Monalisa Chinda Coker

Sexiest Nigerian Female Celebrities

20. Omoni Oboli

Sexiest Nigerian Female Celebrities

21. Chioma Akpotha

Sexiest Nigerian Female Celebrities

22. Dakore Egbuson-Akande

Sexiest Nigerian Female Celebrities

Not every Nigerian female celebrity can wear Rasta locks and be beautiful. Not every one of them can stay trim and fit for the longest time. But Dakore has shown us that a woman can be all of these things and yet be calm about it.

She is a respectably married woman with no unnecessary rumors to her name but yet is relevant because of her style and presence that can only be defined as calm, confident and sexy.

Conclusively, I hope this list of  Sexiest Nigerian Female Celebrities was exciting both to your eyes and lust centers.

Until next time, please comment and share!

Nigerian Female Celebrities

26 Nigerian Female Celebrities That Are Single

26 Nigerian Female Celebrities That Are Single

In yet another celebrity news and gossip episode i present to you 26 Nigerian Female Celebrities That Are Single.

Single for their own reasons, from the good to the bad.

But without anyone telling we all know that it is not at all an easy task staying single under the African clime especially beyond the required age bracket.

These Nigerian Female Celebrities That Are Single are humans in every regard.

It is therefore a matter of great pain for them to sometimes read about their lack on blogs by people who just don’t care except for scoring cheap points with other peoples pain.

Marriage is a matter of honor and fulfillment over here in Africa. It is a way of life. A rite everyone must go through.

To not be married at a certain age makes you a candidate for some really ugly assumptions.

And celebrity or not they are really feeling the pressure.

26 Nigerian Female Celebrities That Are Single

1. Yvonne Jegede


Yvonne Jegede actually got real recognition when she showcased her beauty in 2face Idibia’s song African Queen. She would go on from there to become a household name in the movie industry.

She got married to Olakunle ‘Abounce’ Fawole, together they share a son but the marriage itself lasted only for a year.

So single she remains.

2. Linda Ikeji

Nigerian Female Celebrities

She is the biggest celebrity blogger in Nigeria and Africa at large. With a following that is quite absurd for someone that just writes.

She is a mogul in the media world and just recently gave birth to her first child last week in Atalanta.

Linda Ikeji was born Linda Ifeoma Ikeji on 19th September 1980.

Linda Ikeji was the biggest Google Search trend in Nigeria for 2014. The name Linda Ikeji was the most searched item by users of Google in Nigeria.

On August 8, 2018, Linda Ikeji was among eminent personalities drawn from different countries across multiple disciplines who were conferred with Honorary Doctorate Degree from Trinity International University in Georgia for her outstanding job in Business and Media in Africa.

She is nothing more than a baby mama at the moment. So can be declared single as well.

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3. Rukky Sanda

She has never being married unlike most of the famous and rich names to be added to this list of Nigerian Female celebrities that are single.

She is an actress, producer and director in Nollywood.

She was born Rukayat Akinsanya , August 23, 1984 in Lagos State. She began her acting career in 2004 while still a student at Lagos State University and continued after graduation in 2007.

This almost whitish actress was in the past rumored to have been in a sexual relationship with Tonto Dike.

One she denied!

She is still single and maybe not searching.

4. Genevieve Nnaji

Nigerian Female Celebrities

This beautiful and ever young actress is one of the few that wears the crown of the Nigeria Movie Industry.

She is even the first to take Nigerian produced movie content to the international arena.

As Netflix has acquired her movie “Lion heart”, which she produced.

At one point in time she was rumored to be having a sexual partnership with ex vice president Atiku.

But the claim as Nigerians, that was an accepted fact was that she dated Dbanj, even staring in one of his musical videos.

She was born 3 May 1979. In 2011, she was honored as a Member of the Order of the Federal Republic by the Nigerian government for her contribution to Nollywood .

She is a single mother of one and one of the biggest names on any Nigerian Celebrities list out there.

5. Rita Dominic

Rita Dominic

Like Genevieve Nnaji she is beautiful and ever young. She also wears the Nollywood crown on her head with no worries.

She had earlier dated Jim Iyke according to major sources.

She was born Rita Uchenna Nkem Dominic Nwaturuocha on July 12, 1975.

She is a member of the Royal Nwaturuocha family of Aboh Mbaise local government area in Imo State.

She attended University of Port Harcourt , where she graduated with a BA (Honours) Degree in Theatre Arts in 1999.

In 1998 she starred in her first movie, A Time to Kill .

6. Tiwa Savage

Tiwa Savage is a very popular name in the Nigeria music industry.

In fact she is one of the biggest names when it comes to the female category in that industry.

She has a son with Tunji “Teebillz” Balogun. Who she got separated from in 2016.

On 28 April 2016 Balogun, in a series of social media posts, accused his wife of infidelity as well as her mother of witchcraft.

Claims she debunked, and in an interview accused her husband of financial recklessness, drug addiction, and abandonment.

Nigerian Male Singers

17 Famous Nigerian Male Singers Rocking The Industry

So I was thinking, why don’t we shift today’s Nigerian Celebrity Stories to the music section of the industry and focus our gaze on some Famous Nigerian Male Singers?

There are many famous Nigerian male singers in the country today but some are way higher than others on that chart.

So do not be offended if the list fails to contain the names of your favorite Nigerian Male Singers.

What that simply means is that they are not as famous as the names listed here even though they are also famous. As we already know not all celebrities are EQUAL!

I think at the moment it is quite easy to actually make a powerful list of famous Nigerian Male singers because they are actually the reigning kings at the moment and for some of them they have stayed so relevant from day one that fame has become synonymous with them.

They are male singers alive today that are famous. People would see them and shout their lungs out.

But those male singers has seen many years between them and any new songs from their brand.

We shall be ignoring those celebrities.

Famous Nigerian Male Singers like Lagbaja, Mr Raw and Ruggedman fall into that category of male singers to be ignored.

Yes! They are relevant!

Yes! A new song can just catapult them to the top again.

But until then it is a No! No!

There are other categories to which our male  celebrities fall into. Like Bald Nigerian Celebrities and Nigerian Male Celebrities On Native Attire.

But today we will be talking about them based on how popular their craft has made them.

Famous Nigerian Male Singers with songs making waves in recent months and even at the moment.

That is the criteria for narrowing the list to a precise account of what we are set to achieve with this particular post.

17 Famous Nigerian Male Singers

1. 2face Idibia

Nigerian Male Singers

Now this is a brother that many fellow entertainers consider an ancestor in the music industry.

He started as a member of a boys group. A group that is so hard to forget, for that group was the first to really give us music, setting the standards for many to come.

That group was known as Plantashun Boiz .

The group was made up of 2face Idibia ,Faze and Blackface.

The group broke up in 2004 and he has been able to maintain a very successful solo career since then.

Becoming the biggest name there is in the industry.

2Baba has received one MTV Europe Music Award, one World Music Award , five Headies Awards (Hip-hop award), four Channel O Music Video Awards and one BET award for his musical work, four MTV Africa Music Awards, one MOBO award, one KORA award, and numerous additional nominations.

He is still relevant up till date. Still releasing hit songs after hit songs. He is very much the definition of a famous Nigerian Male singer.

Right now he is blazing through TV and Radio stations With “Amaka“.

2. Flavour

Flavour is a very old name that has done and is doing basically all that is required to stay famous and relevant in the industry.

He is probably in the top 3 of celebrities with the biggest numbers of baby mama’s.

But like his love for women his sense of music is hitting all the right keys and we are loving him for that .

Chinedu Okoli also known as Flavour N’abania began his musical career as a drummer for a local church in his hometown of Enugu State.

3. Davido

Davido is like one of the young and rich faces of the Nigerian Music industry. Himself and Wizkid are kind of toed to the same page of popularity.

Even if he was not a musician he would still manage to be famous. Because no money does it like him when it comes to sharing raw cash through his social media pages.

Just some weeks back we saw him giving out a million naira each to some of followers.

David Adedeji Adeleke recently,
On November 30,2017 won the best African act at the MOBO Awards and also became the first African act to perform live at the awards.

On June 24, 2018, Davido became the first African-based artist to have received his award on the BET Awards main stage. His award was presented by Hollywood actor
Omari Hardwick and actress Tika Sumpter .

4. Wizkid.

He rose to prominence in 2010 with the release of the song “Holla at Your Boy ” from his debut studio album, Superstar (2011).

He was ranked 5th on Forbes and Channel O ‘s 2013 list of the Top 10 Richest/Bankable African Artists. In February 2014, Wizkid became the first ever Nigerian musician to have over 1 million followers on Twitter.

Moreover, he became the first Afrobeats artist to appear in the 2018
Guinness World Records for his contribution to Drake’s hit song “One Dance “.

They call him Starboy and there is no exaggeration to that. He is truly a boy whose star is shinning bright and currently is the first among all the famous Nigerian Male singers to be mention here with the highest foreign collaboration and affiliation.

5. Patoranking

Patoranking came to our notice through Timaya. Patoranking became a protégé of Dem Mama Records after collaborating with Timaya on his song “Alubarika“.

He , is a Nigerian reggae -dancehall singer and songwriter.

Patoranking started his musical career doing underground collaborations with artists such as XProject, Konga, Slam and Reggie Rockstone .

Today he is one of the biggest names there is in the Industry.

6. Kiss Daniel

He is a prefect description of what it means to be a Big Bang musically. Kiss Daniel is a singer with a melodious feel that gets the both sexes in a state of mind that only lovers should be finding themselves.

His songs will make you feel things.

He likes to think himself as “Fly boy”.

But who wouldn’t when your songs are basically all likable and your good looks is another reason why any girl might just make a sexual compromise look like normal.

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7. Duncan Mighty

Nigerian Male Singers

Duncan Mighty is a success story that says talent will always take you far even when all hope is lost.

He used to be very popular and then suddenly stopped making songs and went into the shadows.

And then his collaboration with wizkid brought him out from his musical slumber and now he is currently the hottest male singer in Nigeria, with many dying to have him on their songs.

Currently he has been featured by artists such as Tiwa Savage, Davido, Bracket and many others.

His fame has never been this brighter.

8. Mayorkun

Nigerian Male Singers

He is new on the scene and is already dropping hits after hits and Nigerians are loving him for that.

He is the newbie on this list of famous Nigerian Male singers but the amount of popularity he is already enjoying is massive.

I think he is the money magnet for Davido’s recording label. Just like Wizkid was for Banky label.

9. Banky W

Nigerian Male Singers

This dude is one of Nigeria’s RnB favorites. He has been singing love songs from the start of his career, up to this very moment.

And he is definitely not changing any time soon.

Not when he is still married to this fairy tale beauty by the name Adesua Etomi.

He is now in to acting and he is killing that as well.

If you are in doubt then do yourself a Big favor and go watch the movie The Wedding Party.

He wrote the first theme song of Etisalat Nigeria titled “0809ja for life”.

10. Mr. P

When P-square broke up many thought that was the end to the kind of music that was their brand.

But they were all wrong.

The group broke into two important musical pieces and Mr.P was what became the other half.

He carried the dancing with him as he was more of the dancer in the group and so far so good.

His songs are of the hook and his dancing moves are just as good as his as his lyrics.

11. Rude Boy

Rude Boy is the other part of what P-square became after their break up. He took with him the singing that made P-square one of the favourite groups in Nigeria and Africa at large.

The man can sing with so much emotion. In fact listening to h58s songs is like listening P-square doing their thing.

Like many would Say “he was the fire behind P-square “.

Individually the brothers have done well for Nigerian Music. And are still magic to their game.

And that is a massive achievement.

12. Timaya

He is definitely one of the top 3 names when famous Nigerian Male singers are to be counted .

He is never tired when it comes to the dropping of new hits.

He is the king of the Dance hall.

There is no year that passes bye without Timaya dropping one or two hits.

Hits created to keep his relevance in fine shape as well as help him maintain his famous status doing what he loves doing the most.

This one, hates staying the same for too long. Every now then we get to see him change his names.

Some months back it was Sound Boy but these days he goes by the name Papi Chulo.

13. Tekno

Nigerian Male Singers

Tekno is very talented and there is son much to be achieved. He is young and already famous beyond normal and it seems he has only just started .

At the age of 8, Tekno Miles was enrolled in a music school where he learnt and mastered the rudiments of playing the piano and guitar.

And today that talent has changed this life for the better .

He currently has a song out there making waves and it’s titled “Choko“.

14. Burna Boy

Nigerian Male Singers

Burna Boy is every street kids favourite. He made me a believer when he released his hit song “smoke some weedfeaturing Onos some years back.

Those were my university days.

Fast forward to the present.

He is still on top of his game with hot singles after hit singles paving his constant rise to the mountain top.

I believe like many people out there that Burna Boy is one of the highly underrated musician under the Nigerian clime.

But whether hyped as deserved or not, his place among the most famous Nigerian Male singers is as solid as the smell of a burning marijuana.

He is currently enjoying our plaudits with his new visuals “Ye“.

15. Adekunle Gold

Nigerian Male Singers

Adekunle music is different from the rest. Not because he sings fluent Yoruba but basically because of his style.

He falls into that category of singers whose styles are somewhat ancient and so comes with a fresh feel. A difference that is almost peculiar to him

He is a story teller and like the narrative of the talking drum his songs are stories of emotions and his place in it.

He is a Nigerian High Life singer that truly knows his craft and expresses his art in a way that is beautiful.

He is truly an artiste.

16. Harrysong

Nigerian Male Singers

Some weeks back we saw Harrysong fall into the abyss of depression. We saw him talk of death as if it’s a vacation spot he just can’t wait to visit.

Such social media rant is sure to get anyone both attention and fame even if it is for the wrong reasons.

But that aside . Harrysong is that famous Nigerian Male singer from Delta State that is also consistent with good songs.

And that is enough to help him stay famous, for as long as he keeps releasing hits.

He is also very muscular with the right height for modelling if he so chooses.

17. Runtown

Nigerian Male Singers

Since he came into the industry he has stayed relevant and like flood, his fame metre is reading off the charts.

This cat here is indeed famous.

In 2015 Becoming a powerhouse stage presence, he headlined the Machel Monday Concert in Trinidad and Tobago alongside the likes of Pitbull and Lil Jon and performed at Crop Over Carnival in Barbados, St. Lucia’s Mercury Beach Festival, and in front of a sold-out crowd of 4,000 at Amazura Concert Hall in Queens, NY.

Mad Over You helped him make history as RunTown became the “first Nigerian Artist to top charts in 20 countries simultaneously” as the track amassed 72 million YouTube views and 7 million Spotify streams .


I know there are other Famous Nigerian Male Singers that should have made it onto this list.

Names like Olamide and Falz. But those fall guys fall more into the rap category of famous Nigerian Male singers.

Don’t forget to use the comment box for your suggestions as well as contributions.

Nigerian Celebrity News

7 Youthful Richard Mofe Damijo Pictures

I think it should be considered normal, Richard Mofe Damijo pictures making Nigerian celebrity news all by themselves! Each image telling their own tale.

The man is a special order within the Nigerian Movie industry. Personally he is one of those celebrities whose lifestyle has encouraged me to become more bold as a person.

He wears his baldness with an enviable grace as if it does not matter. He is his own person and that boldness translates into a kind of sexiness hard to ignore.

That boldness being contagious has helped guys out there like myself, wear that bald look as if it is the new kind of Hot! It is therefore the norm to go check the images of Richard Mofe Damijo on a daily basis as if to get fresher instructions on how to look comfortable in our own skin.

He is the grand father that we would love to grow up into. His swag is always aloof the corruption of time and old age. He portrays himself in way that says “come and be old with me“.

Truly age is nothing but numbers, nothing more. And that is exactly the message one would get at first glance from these Richard Mofe Damijo pictures.

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I would be writing the biography of Richard Mofe Damijo anytime soon. And hopefully through it share some needed information about his journey so far.

Images Of Richard Mofe Damijo

You see guys getting out of touch with reality when it comes to their aesthetic value. They say to themselves that they are now too old for many things and unfortunately, their looks is also part of that unnecessary list.

And that is how they degenerate into the worse copy of themselves. They bring oldness into their lives, they abhor the idea of associating with youthfulness and with that comes the frailness of the mind.

They accepted the old age theory of degeneration. Their version of advancing in age is to become an helpless copy of their earlier days. And this is where they fail.

Images Of Richard Mofe Damijo

They said to themselves “when i get over 50, i would stop trying

They stopped advancing in life because of this mindset. They stopped dancing and singing, they become too serious with life. It is like a death sentence for them.

All they now unconsciously do is wait for the end to come. For sickness and diseases to overcome their physical constitution, while they ignorantly accept the lie that this is what old age is all about.

Images Of Richard Mofe Damijo

He was born 6 July 1961 in Aladja community of Udu Kingdom, near Warri, Delta State. Which means he is almost 60 years of age but all you see is swag and a blatant refusal to be anything else but active and alive, living the best life possible.

He is the man because he understands that to be young is carry the idea of being young always in our heads and heart and that is how the magic is sustained.

But there are many out there crawling under the self imposed burden of being old and frail. Condemning themselves to the darkness of unnatural limitation.


Just because they have stayed a little too long on this earth.

They fail to understand that to become young is to look and act young.To stop oneself from the illusion that to be an adult means to stop playing, to stop being carefree sometimes.

When i look at Richard Mofe Damijo pictures all i see is an adult that has mastered the riddle of staying relevant. Someone who now knows how to keep the child inside of him alive.

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According to a study:

THE recipe for leading a long and healthy existence is maintaining a young mindset, being immature from time to time and regularly enjoying a touch of nostalgia.

Dr Meg Arroll, a psychologist on behalf of Healthspan, said: “Perceiving ourselves as younger than our age is linked to a more future-orientated outlook, which means that we make better health choices such as engaging in exercise and healthy eating.”

“The findings of this survey support previous research that has shown nostalgia boosts our mood.

”Which may be why the majority of survey respondents stated that Christmas was their favorite time of year as this is a time when adults shake off their daily worries and jump into playing games, spending time with loved ones and reconnecting with their inner child.”


I do not know what your story is but i believe that you can get the same inspiration just by looking at these Richard Mofe Damijo pictures.

The catch, is that we should all treat  ourselves like celebrities do. To be alive and forever young like the magnificent Nigerian celebrity Richard Mofe Damijo.

He is the man simply because he has refused to grow old!

Nigerian Celebrity News

Dbanj Wife Is From Which Country?

Many are curious thus the question “Dbanj wife is from which country”.Especially the many Nigerian ladies up there in his circle who had secretly wished he would gaze their way.

So a usual question, one to be found on many Nigerian Celebrity News blogs.

But the Nigerian celebrity singer Dbanj had his eyes aimed at a different marital ambition.One that saw him move outside his usual hunting ground to pick a pretty lady raised by a mixed racial parentage.

It is true what they say?

That celebrities that want marital peace should never marry another Celebrity but should rather settle for someone that has little to do with the entertainment world.

They rarely last in marriage.

It is as if part of staying a celebrity is to always find ways of ruining every marriage contract they get into.Trying to avoid the headache that is often times the hallmark of two celebrities coming together in Holy matrimony.

Dbanj who is one of the biggest Nigerian male singers in the country surprised us all with a wife that is not only beautiful but different from the usual breed of Nigerian ladies.

He shunned the long list of Nigerian Female Celebrities that would have happily carried his ring on their fingers. And contracted a low profile marriage in 2016 to Lineo Didi Kilgrow.

Dbanj wife is from which country

According to an interview, Dbanj had the following to say about his marriage life.

“My marriage is my business and it is none of your business . Whether I am married or not, mind your business . If you ever see a wedding ring on my finger , fine , but if you don ’ t , fine . ”“The truth about it is that it is very important to know what you want as a brand . As a brand , I wanted to focus on the business side and keep my family and private life , private and concentrate on CREAM. ”

Many people were not even aware that Dbanj was already married.

“I decided to keep my marriage to Didi a secret because based on experience, relationships like this get mixed with media hypes and speculations and then it becomes complicated,” he said.

“You know the pressure to get married was this high and mum told me she wanted to see the girl I was dating and would want to marry. I told her that there was this babe and we didn’t want to marry yet but she insisted that she was the one for me that we should have a small ceremony and the rest is history. I’m glad I listened to her.”

Not until the news of his wife giving birth took over the various social media handles on the internet.

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People were not done yet, getting answers to the question of her country of origin when the sad news of their first child’s death reached our disapproving ears.

The child had died by drowning in their indoor pool.

The gossips were rife. There were different exotic explanations but the one that stood out, were the claims of conspiracy theorists pointing fingers at blood ritual.

During this period people stopped concerning themselves with her origin and instead mourned with her. And then came another news of a child being born.

Now people are asking again “Dbanj wife is from which country?

Maybe it is because of her skin color or the fact that no one knew her until she got married to Dbanj. But whatever the reasons we are here to provide you with that answer.

Dbanj Wife Is From Which Country?

How do we even begin?

Lineo Didi Kilgrow should be considered an American and a Nigerian.Because her dad, obviously is from America.While her mother has a shared Nigerian and South African heritage.

She grew up in Jos and attended the University of Abuja.

She is the step-sister of Samantha Walsh who presently hosts the big Friday show with Falz on MTV base.

There you have it

But do check back for a updated version of this story


I hope you enjoyed this post on “Dbanj Wife Is From Which Country? “.

If you did, then remember to share!

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10 Exciting Nigerian Celebrity News Websites

10  Exciting Nigerian Celebrity News Websites

Nigerian celebrity news is all about the social stories of Nigerian celebrities. As they are a lot of Nigerian  Celebrities making their own strides a factual story for others study or learn from. So are the many Nigerian celebrity blogs always hungry to make headlines out of the good and bad events in the lives of these celebrities.

These Nigerian Celebrity News websites are many and all share similarities and for that reason we shall be focused on the oldest and most popular among them.

A lot of these gossip blogs copy and paste. So it is normal to sometimes find contents on these blogs that match word for word the contents on others. In other words the most popular blogs in Nigerian really do not care about journalism as a practice or the need to be original when it comes to the content they post.

However there are one or two Nigerian blog out there trying their best to be different even though they are not as popular as the big names or even draw any major internet traffic at all.

The first name on our list of exciting Nigerian celebrity News website is no other blog than Linda Ikeji’s Blog.

1. Linda Ikeji’s Blog

What is considered the biggest online destination in Nigeria is owned by a female from Imo State in the Eastern part of Nigeria. Born 19 September 1980, Linda Ifeoma Ikeji is the most successful blogger in Nigeria today.

Her journey as a blogger started after graduating from the university in 2006. And has grown into the no.1 blog for all kinds of gossip and news. If you like gossips then you would love the content on her blog. But the site is not just about gossips and celebrity news. There, you would find all kind of contents.

Her blog is always buzzing with new contents, with the majority focused on Nigerian Celebrity Stories.

2. Bella Naija

This is another  Nigerian Celebrity news blog that is worth bookmarking. The site is not your typical blog when compared to others on this list. For the simple reason, that they make attempt at creating content that are unique and then mix it up with common headlines making rounds.

When it comes to marriage coverage and themes, from wedding gown to delicious cakes, Bella Naija is the king in that arena. No other blog does it better. In fact the best way to describe the site is,  “a lifestyle, entertainment and fashion website“.

The site was founded by Uche Eze in 2006.

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3. Naija Loaded

Naija Loaded is one of the most visited Nigerian music and entertainment site in the country (it started as a forum). It is a popular site for every kind of gossips. But most especially you can download good dj mix on this blog, as well as latest Nigerian Songs.

The blog was created in 2009 and now has a reach of over 120 Million Page views Monthly. The site is owned by Makinde Azeez.

4. Gist Mania

The fourth blog on our list of Nigerian Celebrity News website is no other than Gist Mania. The site doubles as a blog and forum. And just like the others, it is all about gossip, politics and general information.

It was originally founded as Naijapals forum in July 2008, but later became known as Gist mania in 2012.

According to their about page, their content covers areas of entertainment, celebrity, metro, religion and political news mostly covering the Nigerian sector but also global topics from time to time.

5. Lailas News

This is another Nigerian Celebrity News website. There is a huge similarity between this blog and Linda Ikeji’s Blog. You will get almost the same content on both websites.

Lailas Blog is owned by Laila Ijeoma Obiagwu who is a mother and a banker.

6. Kemi Filani

Another online destination for Nigerian Celebrity News would be  Kemi Filani’s Blog. Like the other blogs mentioned already. The site offers up-to-date News, Politics, Sport, entertainment, lifestyle, weddings and metros in and across Nigeria.

I like the layout of the blog, as well as the content.

The site is owned by Kemi Filani.

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7. 360 Nobs

Created by Advertising & Events wiz – Noble Igwe; Creative & Editorial Guru – Tonia Soares; & Business Specialist & Music Buff – Oye Akideinde in April 2010,© is a Nigerian-based all round entertainment and lifestyle HOTSPOT (note hotspot) bringing YOU all the latest news and information you NEED to know.

At, we strive to continually dish out authoritative, well researched and seasoned up-to-the-minute news on Entertainment: music; movies; fashion; and lifestyle.

8. The Net

Another nice blog to visit is The Net. Personally i like their packaging and online presence. And their mission statement is not something that can be easily summarized.

According to their about page, the site is all about entertainment in general.

9. Jaguda

Jaguda brings to the table, Nigerian Celebrity News from another perspective altogether. They look at the entertainment industry through the lenses of music. They write good editorials on that subject matter and present a very good platform for music lovers.

10. Naira land

Nairaland is that online portal where you can find all kind of news and gossips. In fact there is nothing you would find on all the above mentioned blogs that you would not find on Nairaland.

Whether it is fake news or not, this is the one place where you can find Nigerian Celebrity News in all its form.

Nigerian Celebrity News

Burna Boy Bet Awards Episode of 2019

The whole Burna Boy Bet Awards experience is one that a lot of music lovers from Nigeria is still holding unto. His name became the headlines of many Nigerian celebrity news blog and we all loved it.

And for the simple purpose of having a piece on this blog for reference sake I have decided to write on the subject.

Currently Burna Boy is the real African Giant and people from all over the globe are really feeling his Afrocentric flow structured upon an immortal Afro beat.

He is among the biggest Nigerian Male Singers in the country and seriously he is to be found at the very top of that list.

They say he carries that Fela personality in his songs and stage performance which is so true.

But we are not surprised that the Fela influence is very strong on him. After all his mother was one of Fela’s girls back in the day.

While his Grand Father Benson Idonije is popularly known for being the first band manager of Afro beat musician Fela Anikulapo Kuti.

That’s a family connect to the Afro beat legend himself that is bound to have a life changing effect in the life of the child that grew up inside of it all.

The Burna Boy Bet Award episode is not the first time a Nigerian would be winning the award, especially in that category.Burna Boy Bet Award

But winning that award for himself was just fate telling us what we already suspected, that Burna Boy is the next phase of Nigerian music in the international scene.

The 2019 BET Awards was held in California, at the Microsoft Theatre. It was the The 19th BET Awards and was held on June 23, 2019.

The event itself was hosted for the first time by actress Regina Hall.

And Burna Boy came out top in the Best International Act category that featured the following acts.

  • Aya Nakamura (France)
  • AKA (South Africa)
  • Dave (UK)
  • Dosseh (France)
  • Giggs (UK)
  • Mr Eazi (Nigeria)

There were even rumors of displeasure on the part of AKA who despite being friends with Burna Boy was not down with a Nigerian winning the award again. Who said celebrities don’t hate?

The 18th edition of the Award night saw Davido winning in the same category.

His mother Bose Ogulu was there to receive the award and in her acceptance speech, Burna Boy’s mum said the message from the singer to every African in diaspora is ‘remember you were first an African before any other thing.

The Burna Boy Bet Awards 2019 is yet another confirmation that Nigerians are really contributing to the growth African music and the world is taking notice.

Others Nigeria celebrities to have won the BET Award include Wizkid, Tiwa Savage, 2Baba and DBanj.

Wizkid is still leading the pack with two BET Awards to his name.

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See the full winners list below:

Best Female R&B/Pop Artist

Best Male R&B/Pop Artist

Best Group

Best Collaboration

Best Male Hip Hop Artist

Best Female Hip Hop Artist

Video of the Year

Video Director of the Year

Best New Artist

Dr. Bobby Jones Best Gospel/Inspirational Award

Best International Act

Best New International Act – (Fan Voted Category)

Best Actress

Best Actor

YoungStars Award

Best Movie

Sportswoman of the Year

Sportsman of the Year

Album of the Year

2019 Coca-Cola Viewers’ Choice Award



There you have it, Burna Boy Bet Awards moment.


16 American Celebrities From Canada

This is not one of my many Nigerian celebrity stories but another of my list posts and with this one we shall be making a long list of American Celebrities From Canada.

Popular names you never thought were actually from the country sharing border with the USA.

But then what do you think? America has always been a country of migrants and that fact will never change.

And being a country of dreams, these outsiders are now so fulfilled in life as American Celebrities that it is almost hard to separate their names from Hollywood.

Today we shall be taking a look at these celebrated foreigners as far as country of origin goes.

Shall we?

16 American Celebrities From Canada

1. Jim Carrey

American celebrities from canada

Carrey was born in the Toronto suburb of Newmarket, Ontario , Canada, to Kathleen (née Oram), a homemaker, and Percy Carrey, a musician and accountant.

Jim Carrey is funny and will always be but these days he is now more of a spiritual person than anything else.

Talking about the purpose of life! And how everything is being control by forces so that humanity remains in spiritual infancy forever.

These days the dude is DEEP!


2. Nelly Furtado

Furtado was born on December 2, 1978, in Victoria, British Columbia , Canada. Her Portuguese parents, António José Furtado and Maria Manuela Furtado, were born on São Miguel Island in the Azores and had immigrated to Canada in the late 1960s.


3. Keanu Reeves

American celebrities from canada

Keanu Charles Reeves was born in Beirut on September 2, 1964, the son of Patricia (née Taylor), a costume designer and performer, and Samuel Nowlin Reeves, Jr. He is also a Canadian.

Now this man gave me one of the most super charged sci-fi movies ever “The Matrix “. Now that’s a movie I can watch over and over again.

As an A-list actor Keanu Reeves has his own  star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


4. Ryan Reynolds

American celebrities from canada

Ryan Reynolds was born on October 23, 1976, in Vancouver , British Columbia .

You know him as the Ant Man or even if you go backwards a bit, as the “Green Latern“.

He is one of the most popular actors in America, if you ask me.

just like Keanu Reeves,  Reynolds was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2017. He is married to actress Blake Lively, with whom he has three children.

He is considered sexy by many and appeared in Peoples Sexiest Man Alive lists in 2007 and 2009, and was eventually awarded the honor in 2010.


5. Ryan Gosling

American Celebrities From Canada

Ryan Thomas Gosling was born in London, Ontario , the son of Thomas Ray Gosling, a travelling salesman for a paper mill , and Donna, a secretary.

He began his career as a child star on the Disney Channel’s The Mickey Mouse Club (1993–1995).

He is also a musician, his band, Dead Man’s Bones, released their self-titled debut album and toured North America in 2009.

In September 2011, he began dating his Eva Mendes. He has two daughters with Mendes, one born September 2014 and the second in April 2016.


6. Pamela Anderson


American Celebrities From Canada

Anderson was born in Ladysmith, British Columbia.

She is best known for her appearances in Playboy magazine but far from the world of nudity, Pamela is a prominent animal rights activists, with her voice also  promoting veganism through the animal rights organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

She has a crazy timeline of sexual abuse, according to public revelations she made in 2014., she was molested by a female babysitter from ages 6 to 10, raped by a 25-year-old man when she was age 12, and gang-raped by her boyfriend and six of his friends when she was 14.


7. Kiefer Sutherland

Sutherland was born in St Mary’s Hospital ,Paddington, London , to Donald Sutherland and Shirley Douglas, both successful Canadian actors who had been living and working in the United Kingdom for some time.

He is popularly known for his role as Jack Bauer in the Fox drama series 24 (2001–2010, 2014), for which he won an Emmy Award, a Golden Globe Award, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, and two Satellite Awards.


8. Will Arnett

American Celebrities From Canada

Arnett was born in Toronto, Ontario , the son of Edith Alexandra “Alix” ( née Palk) and Emerson James “Jim” Arnett.

As a voice actor he has featured in  Ratatouille (2007), Horton Hears a Who! (2008), Monsters vs. Aliens (2009), Despicable Me (2010), The Nut Job and the sequel (2014, 2017) and Batman in the Lego Movie franchise.


9. Celine Dion

Dion was born in Charlemagne, Quebec 15 miles west of Montreal , the youngest of 14 children of Thérèse (née Tanguay), a homemaker, and Adhémar Dion, a butcher, both of French-Canadian descent.

She first gained international recognition by winning both the 1982 Yamaha World Popular Song Festival and the 1988 Eurovision Song Contest, where she represented Switzerland.

Her career started with songs composed outside the English language but that changed after she learnt the language and signed to Epic Records in the United States.

It would amaze you to know that she sings in french, Spanish, Italian, German, Latin, Japanese, and Mandarin Chinese and she is considered one of pop music’s most influential voices.

She was honored by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) for selling over 50 million albums in Europe.


10. Justin Bieber

American Celebrities From Canada

Bieber was born on March 1, 1994, in London, Ontario , at St Joseph’s Hospital, and was raised in Stratford, Ontario.

He was discovered at age 13 through  his YouTube videos of Cover Songs by his manager Scooter Braun.

He is the only child of Jeremy Jack Bieber and Patricia “Pattie” Mallette, who were never married. He was born into acute poverty, sharing bed space with rats.

Bieber was a presenter at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards on January 31, 2010.


11. Ellen Page

American Celebrities From Canada

Another pretty face on our list of American celebrities from Canada isEllen Grace Philpotts-Page who was born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Her breakthrough role was the title role in Jason Reitman’s film Juno (2007), for which she received nominations for an Academy Award, a BAFTA, a Golden Globe and a Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Actress while winning the Independent Spirit Award, an MTV Movie Award and a Teen Choice Award.


12. Shawn Mendes

Mendes was born in Toronto, Ontario, the son of Karen, a real estate agent, and Manuel Mendes, a businessman, who sells bar and restaurant supplies in Toronto.

Shawn Peter Raul Mendes is one of the biggest reigning teen sensation on our list of American celebrities from Canada.

He came out with his debut studio album Handwritten in 2015, with the  single “Stitches” reaching number one in the United Kingdom and the top 10 in the United States and Canada.

He is one of five artists ever to debut at number one before the age of 18, and the third one making him the third-youngest artist to achieve three number one albums.

He is also the first artist to land three number one singles on the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart in 2017. In 2018, he became the first artist to achieve four number one singles on the Adult Pop Songs chart before the age of 20.


13. Drake

American Celebrities From Canada

Aubrey Drake Graham was born on October 24, 1986, in Toronto, Ontario .

This one is a popular face and name in the celebrity world. His first taste of the limelight when he gained recognition as an actor on the teen drama television series Degrassi: The Next Generation in the early 2000s.

His father, Dennis Graham, is an African American from Memphis, Tennessee, while his mother Sandra “Sandi” Graham (née Sher), is an Ashkenazi Jewish Canadian.


14. Kriten kreuk

Kreuk was born in Vancouver , British Columbia , to Peter Kreuk and Deanna Che, two landscape architects. Her father is of Dutch descent, her mother is of Chinese descent.

She is best known for her roles as Lana Lang in the superhero television series Smallville, and as Catherine Chandler in The CW sci-fi series Beauty & the Beast.


15. Sandra Miju  Oh

American Celebrities From Canada

Oh was born on July 20, 1971, in the Ottawa suburb of Nepean Ontario.

She has two Golden Globe Awards, four Screen Actors Guild Awards, and eight Prime time Emmy Award nominations to her name.

Oh hosted the 28th Genie Awards on March 3, 2008, and became the first Asian woman to host the Golden Globe Awards at the 76th ceremony in 2019.

In another first, she became the first Asian-Canadian woman to host Saturday Night Live, after Lucy Liu in 2000 and Awkwafina in 2018. She is also the first Asian woman to win two Golden Globes.

She is best known for her roles as Cristina Yang on the ABC medical drama series Grey’s Anatomy.


16. The Weeknd

American Celebrities From Canada

The Weeknd was born on 16 February 1990 in Toronto, Ontario , and was raised in the district of Scarborough, in the city’s east end.

He is a world star and has many awards to his name. The Canadian has won three Grammy Awards, eight Billboard Music Awards, two American Music Awards, nine Juno Awards, and has been nominated for one Academy Award.


To see foreigner succeed in the USA tells the perfect story of how that country is indeed the screen world.

These American Celebrities From Canada made it another man’s land. A feat that is almost hard to achieve in other countries.