John Dumelo, A Camouflage And Abuse of Power

John Dumelo is a celebrity with a status that is recognized beyond Africa.

And so it is normal that he lives a life that is above the average, in comfort as well as rights.

But you see that part about rights? Yes that one!

It does not apply here in Nigeria and it hardly matters if you are a celebrity or not.

Wear an army uniform and you would regret the day you were born. Because the beating would fall like rain drops gathering to make flood.

But sometimes I wonder why the Nigerian Army is so harsh towards anyone wearing a camouflage, that is not part of the military.

But whatever the reasons, beating and harassing citizens because of a certain kind of fabric is an abuse of power.

This fact is what even Nigerian celebrities are aware of and play safe, never to get caught or risk the beating of their life.

A fact that is expressed by one of Nigeria’s humorous Nollywood Actor Egezu.

I bet you, if John Dumelo had worn that army uniform here in Nigeria and was caught doing so.

He would have experienced harassment of the highest order.

What are your thoughts on the matter?

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