So Tonto Dikeh Has Been Celibate For 3 Years?

I don’t believe a lot of things especially when it has to do with Nollywood actors such as Tonto Dikeh.

She is miss controversial and derives great fun shaking tables and throwing hurtful invective on social media. She is one Nigerian celebrity that others fear to engage in any kind of rude contest.

But that aside it is obvious that like most Nigerian celebrities she live her life for the gram, which is not a bad thing as long as it fuels her popularity and keeps her relevant.

And it is in the spirit of staying relevant and playing to the gallery that has pushed the actress to cry out on Instagram that her 2020 would factor in a lot of sex.

As if anyone asked her.

According to her.

Going through the comment section of Instablog I saw a comment insinuating the impossibility of her claim and the very possibility that people like Tonto Dikeh are the best users of dildos.

Which is not my concern.

My concern however is the issue of celibacy for three years especially for someone like Tonto Dikeh.

But putting any doubt aside, the question that we must now ask is why the actress thinks the public is interested about what she does in the bedroom.

Except she is passively advertising her sexual availability for next year, which in itself can be described as social media prostitution.

A situation on social media where ladies provoke sexual images in the minds of their followers and in most cases lead them to request for sexual favours that are silently and secretively catered to.

Which ever the case, Tonto Dikeh should keep her bedroom stories to her self.

Or people would begin to see such outbursts as another flawed attempt to trend.

But seriously do you consider her to be truly Born Again?

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