Celebrities In Nigeria During This Corona Virus Pandemic

The world is on fire and even celebrities in Nigeria are reacting. Not on the streets but on social media. They are creating public awareness.

As the corona virus in Nigeria spreads to different part of the country. Poor Nigerians are counting on the privilege classes of society to come to their rescue.

Celebrities in Nigeria make up a large percent of the most famous and socially powerful individuals in the country.

And they are using their popularity to send the message of Stay At Home! But is that all a privilege class should be doing at a time their status in life can actually take on the burden of easing the hardship of the corona virus shut down protocol currently trending in the country?

We are seeing their stay at home experience and it is almost like a dream state to the many underprivileged Nigerians out there.

Nigerians who can’t feed unless they go out everyday with hope of finding financial crumbs as petty traders, load carrier’s and pay for hire instruments of labour.

This category of people don’t even have a house to go to. So the whole idea of stay at home is a mockery.

This is the poorest set of Nigerians and also the biggest dreamers. And they are more inspired to keep hustling for a break through by celebrities in Nigeria, many of whom started right there at the bottom.

So it is normal that at this very scary moment in our human history, that the poorest of us run to the most familiar source of inspiration and hope……The Celebrities!

Many Nigerian celebrities were once inhabitants of the lowest places of the food chain. But through talent and consistent endurance climbed out from the abyss of obscurity.

They made it by becoming gainfully employed playing the role of a famous face, successfully. They employed the magic of change and were catapulted to the top of the social ladder.

But they can not forget the past and how hard it was to carry out the most simplest of things. How to eat was then a matter of miracle but somehow they made it, and consequently became the ambassadors of hope for a class they once represented.

Celebrities in Nigeria by virtue of how their story is a blend of poverty, hard work and belief are more closer to the people. Because they are a part of the people and their story.

So when things get bad, the people look onto the celebrities in Nigeria to help them more than they look at the government.

Because they see these celebrities as extensions of themselves, their hopes and beliefs. A class of people that understand what it means to be poor because they also were once victims.

Unlike the government that is so distant and live by a narration that is different and in opposite to their story of lack and misery.

The government for the poor man in Nigeria is everything that is against their fight for survival. The evil force fighting against their good intentions to be sane and humane.

Celebrities in Nigeria go beyond the acting and entertainment class in general. The famous Nigerian singers make a part of this class as well as Nollywood actors, both the serious and funny Nigerian actors.

It also belongs to those we became famous in their chosen fields outside of government. Business men and women, writers and doctors.

These are the celebrities in Nigeria that the common man is most connected to. And with corona virus in the country, their eyes are focused on these famous Nigerians for succour.

It is their success stories and not the lies from government that has helped restore their waning hope on many occasions. But now they would be needing more than just stories but concrete assistance.

Food is the essential thing this period of lock down and stay at home and many of them have not a penny even for a meal that is suppose to be cheap.

We pray that good conscience allow these Nigerian celebrities to live up to the task. To share in this hard times and help hold the quarantine line against a virus that would need poverty and lack to spread fast.

As a people we know that the government don’t really care about our welfare but as a people, we can help make the situation a little better.

The business men and women have already donated huge sums of amounts. Like Otedola the billionaire who donated One Billion Naira, the UBA group that donated 5 Billion to the course.

They all come from this class of Nigerians who made it outside of government and are always willing to assist their people.

Sadly many politician’s who have embezzled the future of the country is staying mute and donating nothing, in a time when they are most needed.

These idiot’s only spend money when it is time for election. For them, votes are more precious than human life.

So far Atiku is the man in the political class with sense enough to start the trend by donating 50 million. As at this morning, Tinubu has contributed his own quota of 200 million to the fight against the corona virus.

You are also part of the celebrities in Nigeria if you are the biggest boy or girl on your street. People look up to you because you made it out of the general poverty prison camp.

Nobody is asking you to break them free from this prison but that you only help to make sure the rations don’t stop coming.

These are strange times and only through togetherness can we bring back the happiness of yesterday in today’s doom and gloom.

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