Julian Broadus Mother And A Lesson For Baby Mamas

Julian Broadus mother is not one of those hungry and desperately wicked ladies out there that would taint the image of their baby’s father. Even when it seems things are getting out of hand.

Her name is Laurie Holmond and she is the mother of Julian Corrie Broadus. The child Snoop Dog had out of wedlock and tried to hide and forget. You can click the links to read more on them.

Our concern with this post is primarily about baby mamas who now see their own kids as meal tickets. An avenue through which to get pay check after pay check.

It is now a tradition among male Nigerian celebrities to get kids outside of wedlock. A rising trend now a way of life among famous Nigerian singers as well as Nollywood actors.

The problem is while these celebrities go through this process as a moment of shared feelings and warmth between adults having a good time. These baby mamas come into the picture with the clear intention of making money.

For these ladies, this is the opportunity of a life time. To use the bye product (child) of their amorous relationship to these famous Nigerians as a means to an end. And once in this category, these set of ladies can be really mean.

All they want is money and the child is the bait and when these celebrities refuse to send in their monthly quota. These ladies take to social media and vehemently try to assassinate the image of their baby daddies.

And this is where Julian Broadus mother comes into the picture as a perfect example of how it should be.

Herself and snoop Dogg were high school lovers but the rapper would end up marrying someone else. It was painful and it was a reality that she could do nothing about.

Three months after the marriage, the two old lovers met again and had sex. And she became pregnant. The result of that extra marital affair gave birth to the handsome lad now known as Julian Corrie Broadus.

The beauty of her story is centered on the fact that she did not try to take advantage of Snoop Dog’s fame and wealth. Instead she kept quiet and in silence negotiated for a better deal for her child.

Snoop Dog was present at the birth of his son and came around for a while but would later cease showing up. She had to do everything by herself from that moment on.

The media was there and would have killed for such a juicy story. But she did not give into the temptation neither did she even try to make public of the baby’s existence until he was big enough and needed a father figure in his life.

That was when she took Snoop to court to prove the paternity of the child. Snoop would then take the child home to a family that never knew he existed all these years (this is just a summarized version of the story. Click the link above for the full gist).

Julian Broadus mother showed that what was more important was the welfare of her child and not some pay check.

And when Snoop Dog stopped coming and the whole burden fell on her. She did not run to the media to sell her story. It was not about money. She understood the fact that the child was also hers to cater for.

Unlike those baby mamas of today who immediately turn their famous and rich baby daddies into automated teller machines.

They stop trying to become more in life. Existing on the huge pay checks enforced by court orders is now a life plan better than self improvement.

In Nigeria we have seen baby mamas come on social media and insult life out of the father of their own kids. Calling them “dead beat dads” and all sorts of names.

We have seen them express bitterness beyond what is normal for a sane human being all because the baby daddy got tired of playing the fool.

The lesson to learn form Julian Broadus mother is, the child is also yours and it is not a bad idea to spend your own money on the child.

And when the burden become too much, make a deal outside of social media and keep your private affairs private.

Stop coming online to lay curses on your on child’s father and even worse, try to recruit the sympathy of internet trolls while at it. Who then take the matter in their own hands, perpetuating the insults on a man you once loved and shared feelings with, just because of money you didn’t work for.


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