Tiwa Savage And The Expression Of Sexual Tension

Tiwa Savage is one of the few Nigerian female celebrities who have managed to create and maintain sexual tension as if it is also a natural talent.

Of course, the entertainment world is run by sex and sensuality and those who play by its rule are always first to ignite the fire of sexual lust.

Tiwa Savage is one of the famous Nigerian singers in the country today. And we are not even trying to make a gender classification for this claim.

And while it is no longer news that she is a force in and of her own class when it comes to music in Africa. It seems the singer is desperately telling us that she is also sexy.

And we agree!

We are not talking about just being beautiful and fair to behold. Many ladies are blessed with such natural charm.

We are talking about putting effort into staying sexy for the long haul. When you look at Tiwa Savage, you see a lady that is doing everything possible to maintain a certain shape and size.

And that is where the sexual tension comes from. That sexual fire that is felt whenever we look at the singer is tied to her healthy body mass index.

Sexual tension

She is staying fit and trim and by so doing perpetuating a shine that should have left, in an otherwise unhealthy situation.

There is no beauty to be expressed when we are fatter than what any health standard can permit. And as a lady, the only way to maintain a relative illusion of youth is to burn those extra fat off.

And that is what Tiwa Savage has done. She is hot and expresses sexual tension because she is healthy and maintains a perfect shape and size.

Sexual tension

And it doesn’t matter from what angle you look at her. She is hot!

And it all boils down to efforts. Efforts on different fronts. She is doing her bit in the gym and on the dinner table. She is eating right and I believe that there are other beauty regimen she takes into account as well.

But what I want you to take from this post is that, weight loss is also a beauty recipe and you can actually begin that journey (assuming you are fat) by following this cheap weight loss diet plan.

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