Eva Alordiah Biography Is All About Ambition

Today we are going to be talking about Eva Alordiah biography a bit. She is one of the most talented Nigerian rapper that stayed true to the game of what it means to be an MC and not just as a female rapper. Her presence is heavily felt in the industry’.

She is a blessing to the Nigerian music scene and by her craft it is easy to judge that she is among one of the most fluent rappers around.

Her flow is slick and her lyrics are sedated with depth and purpose. One bar to your ears and you become aware of her lyrical prowess.

These days she is more about making videos on YouTube that is all about adding value to the life of her followers. And just like her rap songs there is this desperate need to give value. A reason that has seen her talk about subjects most ordinary minds would fail to truly grasp.

She is a mind over matter kind of person. She strives for depth and abhors mediocrity and it is a fact that is expressed through her many deeds.

And today we shall be talking a bit of this and a bit of that but all shall be centered around Eva Alordiah biography.

Eva Alordiah was born on the 13th of August 1988 and her full names are Elohor Eva Alordiah.

She is still unmarried and it is the year 2020 and the lesson to learn from it, is that life treats a successful woman with some fairness.

She is from Delta State and was introduced to music by her mother. And as we already know, a mother is the hand that moulds the child in many cultural settings.

They pass on their tastes by introducing us early enough to cultures they like and by so doing, influence us to go on that path and that is what her mother actually did.

As a child Eva sang in her church’s choir and joined the drama club while in secondary school.

Life’s ambition’s, to gain full traction is best started from an early age and that is exactly what little Eva did, by becoming part of the choir and drama club.

It was said that at age 10, she wrote a short story in her notebook and dreamt of being an author.

She now has a book to her name and one day I will get a copy and make a review for you guys, here on Colored Writers.

Her journey into the rap world began when she came across Eminem. In fact, it was Eminem ‘s ” Cleanin’ Out My Closet ” that inspired her to pursue a professional rap career.

Balancing both business and school, at the age of 16, Eva would see her self fight for money making as well as independence.

A pursuit that would later see her auditioning for several acting and modelling gigs.

She would eventually become a photography model.

In 2009, Eva released “I Dey Play” as her first ever studio recording. The song featured Tha Suspect and was recorded over Lil Wayne ‘s ” A Milli ” instrumental.

Eva started working on her debut EP, The GIGO E.P , as an independent artist. The EP is an acronym for Garbage in Garbage Out and was released on 20 November 2011. It comprises 9 songs and was released for free digital download.

The EP was supported by four singles: “I Done Did It”, “Down Low”, “Garbage Out (Your Fada)”, and “High”. The EP’s production was handled by Sossick, Tintin and Gray Jon’z. “I Done Did it” was produced by Sossick and released as the EP’s lead single.

In August 2013, Eva signed a management deal with Radioactiiv.

Also in August 2013, Nokia Nigeria enlisted her as one of the judges for its annual Don’t Break Da Beat competition.

31 August 2014, Thisday newspaper reported that Eva became an ambassador of Guinness Nigeria’s Made of Black campaign alongside Olamide and Phyno . Eva performed at the campaign’s launch and was featured in the campaign’s television commercial.

In June 2016, Eva announced the end of her 15-month engagement to Caesar Ume-Ezeoke on Instagram.

Their engagement started when Caesar proposed to her on stage while she was performing and she said yes. They had dated for a month prior to the engagement.

We no longer hear of marriage or starting a family because after all she is a certain kind of boss chick.

The ambition was to become a rapper and an author. Both title she has already acquired but marriage was a distant dream.

And still is.

When we take that bold walk of faith into the future, it is important that we make a complete plan.

Create a perfect vision board and make sure all the details are expressive of your truest desires with allowances made for possible ones that tomorrow might bring.

So when tomorrow comes, the success story would be complete and profitable on all sides. As a musician she is on the same energy level with these famous Nigerian singers.

This post is not a comprehensive Eva Alordiah biography. All I have done is highlight some events in her life and then weave a personal perspective round those themes.

But I hope it was an enjoyable read?

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