Meet The Nigerian Herbalist With 58 Wives

A Nigerian herbalist somewhere in Nigeria has done and is doing what many men would dare not attempt. He has 58 wives to attend to his manly ego and the way things are, it is obvious another maiden would join the list when time favors.

It is an abnormal achievement and many can even term the attempt as a risky adventure but he is an herbalist after all.

Speaking in an interview with journalists on why he married his 58th wife. The herbalist who is also known as the King of Satan tied his reason to his inability to tolerate insolence and unruly behavior from the women.

A problem most men have learnt to handle in lesser dramatic ways.

The herbalist , who hails from Aji in the Igbo-Eze North Local Government Area of Enugu State, stated , “I marry anytime any of my wives insults me . I cannot stand a woman insulting me .

“If there are 20 dead men in Nigeria , for instance, only five of them die naturally . The other 15 deaths are caused by heartbreaks and bad attitudes of their wives . That is why I marry anytime a woman insults me . ”

Simon Odo , popularly called Onu Uwa , is what today’s world would term an Alpha male.

The Nigerian herbalist is already in his 70’s and still able to get down with women he once accused some of his children of allegedly sleeping with.

Which is plausible.

Onuwa married the 57th wife in November 2015 but would again walk the path of marriage when he married 18 years old Chidinma in 2017.

He currently has over 200 children. Who does that?

“I was born in 1947 on the day they had an eclipse of the sun and the moon. There was darkness in the afternoon on the day I was born. I was the only son of my parents. I was baptised as a Christian in the Catholic Church and even became a mass servant under Rev Father Desmond McGlade. I, however, became a herbalist because of circumstances beyond my control. As I said, I was the only son of my parents but because some of his relations wanted to take over his landed property, they poisoned me. I contracted tuberculosis and had to be treated for years. At a point, I was even unable to walk for about five years because I became lame. I ran to Ondo State in the South West, where I trained to become a herbalist at the age of 15, before returning to the village.

I married 15 wives when my father was alive and the situation prolonged his life. He died in 1992 at the ripe old age of over 90 years. My first son has seven children and four grandchildren. Any of my children who chooses to become a Christian is free to do so, provided he/she must become a Catholic. I don’t like the Pentecostal churches.”

Speaking on how he manages his large, the Nigerian herbalist had this to say.

“People think that I feed many of them but this is not true. Most of my children are grown up. The boys among them usually marry and go to their own houses just like the girls who marry and follow their husbands to their places. However, my wives cook food for the whole family in turns. For example, if it is the turn of Ada or Omada to cook, she would invite five of her colleagues to assist her in cooking. One woman cooks for everybody in the house at a time but my other wives would always assist such a person.”

And even though he is an herbalist with the title “Kings of Satan”, he says he is not a killer. A path he is afraid his children might follow if any of them becomes an herbalist.

“I will not encourage them to do so. I don’t want my sons to take after me because some of them will do bad things with my medicine. As a herbalist, I have never killed anybody or thought of evil against anybody but I do not trust that my children would be upright like me. That is why I will not encourage them to inherit my medicine but I may bequeath them to some of my younger children, not the old, greedy ones.”

Now this man is a wonder all by himself.

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