Nigerian Christians Are Very Gullible People

Many Nigerian Christians are already defeated by fear. The corona virus has exposed their false faith and in just days of arriving Nigeria, the virus is exposing the gullibility of these church goers.

We the observers were expecting food and financial gifts from different churches as a way of assuaging the terrible impact the virus was already having on people.

The only church I have seen so far in the news, is Dominion City. A church with common sense, that they are giving out rice and other essential items to their members in this hard times.

I believed there are other smaller but reasonable churches doing their bit to help members cope. And not just their members but the community as a whole.

So you can imagine the shock when news of Living Faith Church releasing a newly created USSD code for mobile payment of tithes and offering became the subject of discussion online.

I just don’t understand why that church loves courting controversy even though it means, hurting the image of Christ.

This is that moment in time when as a people we are all expecting the church to become yet another source of strength to their various communities.

And not through prayers but through physical items like food and drugs, aimed at helping the poor during the corona virus shut down protocol that is being enforced in Nigeria.

But instead we having an ugly situation, where the church is now asking members to pay tithes and offerings through mobile platforms since they can no longer come to church because of the law against large gatherings.

All you have to do is dial the USSD code 38930*1#

This particular Church it seems care more about the money that members bring into its coffers. Rather than the welfare of members.

Is it that these churches are no longer aware of the fact that there would always be poor people in the land.

And the poor people make the majority of the Nigerian bulk. Maybe the payments would save them from getting infected by the virus.

Maybe it is their ticket fee to heaven should this while virus saga become the end of humanity.

Whatever the purpose, I feel and think it is a wrong move. One that would only add fuel to the rumours and claims of Nigerian churches being nothing but business centers. Which in majority cases is the truth.

What is even painful is that these Nigerian Christians would do as their religious masters command. Especially in a time like this, already ruled by fear.

They are going to punch that code like no man’s business and send even their last penny for the blessing of life and obvious, of not contacting the virus.

Oh gullible Nigerians!

One would have thought that corona virus in Nigeria would put a stop to some of their thieving tactics.

But that is not the case. Many Nigerian Pastors are now using it as a means to swindle members who are more about fear than faith.

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