The Fight Is Against Fake Nigerian Pastors, Not The Church

Corona virus in Nigeria has exposed a lot of fake Nigerian pastors who are unfortunately the majority of rich Nigerian pastors that we have today.

They actually control the Nigerian Christian narrative in the country. Misleading the gullible among us with the plan intent of milking them dry.

Before the arrival of corona virus in the country, many of these Nigerian pastors were playing demi gods. Boasting of their spiritual gifts of foresights and that of healing.

It was crusade everywhere with promise of healing the blind and raising the dead. And there were numerous testimonies affirming their supposed powers.

These god s of men had become all the people needed even on matters no pastor should concern themselves with.

And then came corona virus!

The arrival of the virus has surprisingly silenced a lot of people. Especially pastors who won’t let us rest with how much spiritual power they possess.

Sadly but not surprising we are no longer hearing from this class of religious scammers. The same people who boasted of their power to raise the dead are among the many now afraid to have any stranger come near them.

But as to be expected church goers in Nigeria were at first confident that whatever their pastors say concerning Covid 19 was the only instruction worth following.

So it was prophesies of protection after another as these fake Nigerian pastors declared that Corona Virus cannot enter Nigeria.

So naturally people became relaxed. After all the word of the pastor is the word of God. And the word of God cannot be questioned nor contradicted.

Then weeks later we started to hear of returnees bringing the virus into Nigeria and now we have the evil silently spreading round the nation.

At this point one would have expected sane church goers to start questioning the value of their pastors and the prophesies to bring to the table.

But no, they all gathered again for another round of prophesies that truly don’t make sense like the first batch of prophetic rubbish that failed the very minute it was uttered.

This time around, these fake Nigerian pastors came with an almost universal claim that it is the will of God that the virus should spread.

For most people with sense it was now clear that maybe these pastors can’t really see beyond their nose. And maybe they are not really of God.

And since then we have been hearing new prophesies. Each one contradicting the ones before them. Each one standing as proof that these fake Nigerian pastors are really fake.

With this level of spiritual inaccuracy many of us has started highlighting the various contradictions with hope that other can become free from the hypnotizing lies of men who are nothing but well articulated fraudsters.

An endeavor that many Nigerian Christians are now calling the an attack on the church. They we are of the Devil, those of us who think we are big enough to question anointed men of God.

But how can people be this blind even when evidence is before them?

People like us who fight against false prophets and prophesies are not against the church. Rather we are fighting for the church by exposing these fake Nigerian pastors who have turned Nigerian churches into den of thieves.

More importantly the corona virus is approving a fact that we have been trying to make many Nigerians to learn from.

Which is, the church or pastors can not do everything for us. That it is okay to look elsewhere sometimes. To learn to depend on objective solutions rather than focus our full attention on abstract hopes alone.

No church is coming out to say “we can heal corona virus”, none! In fact churches are now telling members to adhere to prescribed medical directives.

And by so doing, these sane churches are teaching a new lesson. Which is all about learning to give what belongs to Caesar to Caesar and what belongs to God to God.

To understand that sometimes drinking medicine is enough instead of waiting for a miracle that you don’t need.

To understand that looking for a job everyday until grace permits success is better than just sitting in your church everyday praying for a miracle you have not worked for.

To understand that God don’t answer every prayers and that it is okay because it only means that he wants us to take the vanguard while he inspires us from behind.

But this is not the theme of their doctrines, these fake Nigerian pastors. Rather they preach about God doing all things we desire as long as we are ready to pray. Sow seeds and believe in the pastor that has been given that particular anointing to perform the unusual.

If this is always the case like they have boasted in the past. Why is it then proving difficult for them to come out and heal the world of a raging virus that just won’t stop spreading.

Why are they hiding? Why are we no longer hearing sermons of sudden healing. Rather the miscreants are up and down spreading news of impending doom, of End time!

Because that is the only tactic left that can actually save them from complete public ridicule and still keep their gullible members waiting on their false wisdom.

We are not against the church, those of us calling out your pastors for the lies and false prophesies they represent, are just trying to restore some common sense and purity in the house of the Lord

If your pastor was ever a true man of God, why didn’t he reveal any prophecy concerning the arrival of the virus?

Why was it business as usual until it was too late and the virus already in our midst had started spreading its gospel of fear.

These fake Nigerian pastors are mere fraudsters getting their powers of prophecy from every Nigerian herbalist with real occult knowledge.

Just like Nigerian politicians, these men of God are into Christianity for the many they can make from it and nothing else.

Learn to read between the lines and together we can save the Nigerian church from imposters and agents of the Devil.

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