Nigeria Is A Failed State, Corona Virus Is Proving It

Nigeria is shutting down because of the fear of corona virus spreading out of control and this is the very beginning of hunger and a panic that might make matters worse than it should be. And It is also a sign that Nigeria is a failed state.

Corona virus in Nigeria is revealing the incompetence and wickedness of the political class. This idiots don’t care if the country is destroyed by this virus as long as they continue to get their financial entitlements.

A fact bitterly buttressed by the distribution of the 2020 model of the Toyota Camry cars to house of reps members yesterday. At a time when the masses can hardly purchase food items to survive the stay at home order.

The legislators had at an executive ( closed -door) session on February 5 , 2020, resolved to purchase 400 units of the exotic car .

A check on the website of Toyota revealed that each of the vehicles – depending on the variant , has a price tag of between US $ 25, 000 to US $ 35, 000 , excluding the cost of shipping and custom duties , which is about 100 per cent of the actual cost of each unit. And the House procured the V6 Limited Edition variant of the car .

The source said, “I was told 100 have already arrived and they are sharing them to new members who are not chairmen and deputy chairmen ( of committees) . The next batch will be for returning ( ranking) members who are neither chairmen nor deputy chairmen. The last batch will go to ranking member with appointments. ”

This is happening at time when no sane human being should be thinking of vanity. This is happening at a time when sane countries are thinking about how to find a cure for the virus. This is happening at time when government’s are signing stimulus packages for their citizens, so the they can cope with the pandemic while staying at home.

But here in Nigeria, we are having a political class that are busy enriching themselves while the masses face the imminent danger of death.

They are spelling out the fact that Nigeria is a failed state and yet the people are so confused about how to end the disaster their votes have brought upon their heads.

The only way to go about bringing the needed change is through a revolution. But that idea could get anyone that propagates it, a lifetime in one of those terrible prisons in Nigeria.

Nigeria is a failed state and it is obvious. There is hunger in the land and there is nothing the government can do about it.

People are talking about sharing food and money to citizens but how is that even possible? The government don’t have data to carry that kind of national wide charity.

The system is so messed up that people from other African countries live in Nigeria, and benefit from whatever is out there to be benefited from as Nigerians.

Others are of the opinion that the government should use our BVN number as a means of sending financial assistance to Nigerians but what about those who don’t operate bank accounts?

The system is so messed up that it is hard for anything good to work fine. They broke the system so that we can remain slaves.

The corona virus shut down protocol has exposed how poor the country really is. How we lack hospitals and the decency to care for each other.

As we speak people are exploiting the situation. Prices of food stuffs has is now a matter of life and death. Many people can afford to buy food items that only a week ago was within the reach of the poorest amongst us.

And the government is doing nothing to help. Rather the idiots are talking about closing state bothers and limiting movements. They are ignoring the fact that hunger is what comes next.

While some Nigerian pastors are doing all they can, we are seeing others thinking of means to exploit their weak minded members through innovative means of paying tithes and offering online.

Nigeria as a failed state is a complete freak show of moral decadence.

The government is failing us as a people. The religious leaders are doing the same and even worse, the ordinary man on the streets is so hungry that he does not care if his neighbor is about dying of hunger or not.

These are terrible times and it is a very frightening experience to be a Nigerian living in Nigeria.

It is sad looking at how other countries go about this stay at home practice and how it is being done here in Nigeria. Hunger will kill Nigerians before the virus.

There is no light. Here in port Harcourt. Precisely Choba, the light comes for one to two hours every day around midnight when we are all asleep. Imagine the nonsense.

I recently discovered that internet service providers like Glo have started slashing their data cap.

At a time like this when ISP companies are giving out free data to their costumers and citizens. Here in Nigeria these greedy idiots are reducing the amount of data you get.

They just want us to suffer and there is no law in the land to fight for consumer rights. Another factor highlighting Nigeria as a failed state.

The president is doing nothing. Whatever the government is currently doing is not worth acknowledging. They don’t care about us and it is time we take this fact as the rule.

People are now running to different Nigerian herbalist for herbal concoction. Because we already know that there is no hope for us in hospitals. We don’t have enough and the ones we have, lack basic equipments.

Nigeria is at very dangerous place and only God can help us. The government has failed and will continue to fail us because that is all they are good at.

Nigeria is a failed state and should this pandemic come to an end. Start making attempts to be self sufficient and for those of you who can travel out, please do.

This country is a death trap!

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