Nigerian Christians And The Spirit of Fear

Nigerian Christians like their counterpart in other parts of the world is ruled more by the spirit of fear than anything else.

Their version of Christianity has made them weak. So weak that they can’t even defend themselves.

Maybe because Christianity was imposed on our people through the instrument of fear. The fear of the white man and the fear of God.

Personally I believe Christianity is one of the stronghold of neo colonialism. Break the people free from its grip and there would come a change greater than the independent stories of the 1900’s.

But that is just my own opinion.

Nigerian Christians are possessed by the spirit of fear. A fact that runs contrary to the scripture “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind” 2 Timothy 1:7

Corona virus in Nigeria brought to the surface different kind of fear and it was heartbreaking to see many Nigerian Christians loose their minds over a virus that is just another chapter in human history.

They are going around spreading that fear. Telling those who care to listen, that the End Has Come!

That Corona virus is a sign of the end time and after it comes famine and eventual rapture.

They are spreading, fear that they themselves have become victim to. It is clear that although they express their love to make heaven.

They are afraid to see it come to pass. They are afraid of death and everything else that they cannot control.

It is true that the virus is so wicked that it is affecting both the poor and mighty in society but it makes no sense to see Nigerian Christians loose faith so easily.

They are the one crying the most and by so doing, telling unbelievers that maybe there is no hope in their God.

Just yesterday I went out to get something to eat and on my way I saw a Christian brother talking about how the corona virus shut down and general effect was a sure sign of the end and that Christ was on his way to judge the world.

Just like the many times people like him has predicted the end of the world and failed.

I don’t care if the corona virus would bring the world to an end. I am not afraid of that outcome. If this is the end, then it is a privilege to be part of the last days.

And that is just how I see it. I don’t go around preaching lies and instigating massive fear just so, I am not the only one suffering from it.

I am calm and rational even in a time like this, with a virus that is spreading so fast that it is possible that everyone might become infected. Especially in a country like ours that lack proper preventive methods and measures.

The above scripture talks about Power, Love and Sound Mind. The three qualities that Nigerian Christians need not just during the corona virus pandemic.

They say knowledge is power. In times like this we expect the church to educate their members on the various means through which to avoid getting infected.

We expect Nigerian Christians to share God’s love by going about empowering people with this knowledge as well as other kits like hand sanitizers, nose masks, hand gloves and even food.

But instead we are seeing Christians hide in their houses with fear as the overseer. And even worse! They are spreading that fear.

We have those Nigerian Christians who want us to believe that they have faith and have no business with fear.

Some made the journey to their various churches last Sunday despite the directive of Government and medical experts for people to maintain social distancing as a preventive measure.

How can people be that reckless?

This is not a fight against demons but a fight against a virus that threatens the elderly more than any other age group.

A fight that promises to end soon if we follow the advice of medical experts instead of our pastors.

The truth is the people that went to church last Sunday did not go there because they lack fear. They went to their pastors to seek permission before expressing their fear in the open.

People should have faith but should express faith through reasoning. Which means one must wash and follow all the guidelines while also believing that if the virus comes home to stay with us, our immune system would be capable enough.

Not eating well and having faith is also a recipe for disaster. So don’t allow faith to push you into fasting at the expense of your immune system.

Nigerian Christians are reacting in fear instead of power, love and sound mind. Even if it is the end, why become afraid?

Put your house in order and wait for what comes next. Stop spreading fear and stop living in fear. Even these times shall pass away.

But corona virus is just a recent event exposing the weakness of Christians in the country.

We have always known that Christianity breeds fear in the heart of believers.

A fact that is expressed when there is need to call for a revolution in the country. They hide their faces.

Even though they are quick to agree to the obvious, that Nigeria is becoming more of shit hole than a country.

When the time comes for change. When time is appointed for a general rage against the system.

These Nigerian Christians are the first to remove themselves from the equation. Excusing themselves with the narrative that “violence is against their religion”.

Weaklings that can not pay the ultimate price of blood so a better country can be birthed for the good of our kids.

What is even more annoying is how Fulani herdsmen go into Christian settlements and wreck havoc and nothing is done in form of retaliation.

They allow the beasts free hand to do as they will. While crying to a government that does not care.

The fear to adhere to that rule of nature that states “self survival is the first law”. It is my duty to preserve my life and not allow anyone take it from me.

But every day we hear stories of how Nigerian Christians in the country are get killed and maim by Fulani jihadists and they are doing nothing to defend themselves. It is crazy.

We can just go on and on about how Nigerian Christians have allowed fear to condition them into slavery.

The stories are out there. And my message is simple but direct ” the only thing to fear is fear itself”.

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