God Hears Our Prayers Even In Times Like This

Many people are becoming doubtful if God hears our prayers. Because of the times and the fear that has overtaken every avenue of hope that as humans, we are dependent on.

And many Nigerian pastors are not helping matters because instead of hope, we are seeing these men of God spread fear. They are doing more damage with their sudden change of doctrine, that the corona virus in the world is actually the wrath of God.

For others, their doctrine has shifted to the theme of apocalyptic doom. They are shouting “the end has come” and not “God is still in control”. And by so doing, enforcing the doubt that maybe God no longer hears our prayers.

Either because of our sins or because he is tired of attending to a world that has forgotten him. And by so doing, chosen for themselves false gods like SCIENCE. And in anger he is set to teach us the lesson of a lifetime.

I know the corona virus in Nigeria is breaking beliefs, especially in the hearts of those who followed religion not out of personal conviction but as a product of “do as others do”.

I am seeing a lot of Nigerian Christians loose their mind over the spread of the virus and I am wondering, “what happened to their belief in God?”.

I know that there are a lot of fake Nigerian pastors out there but when we talk about faith, we are not talking about a particular pastor and his church. We are taking about the personal relationship we have with God.

We need faith now, more than we have ever needed it. And without faith our prayers are all going to fall down even before they leave our lips.

And it is this absence of faith that is forcing many Nigerians into fear that is not needed at all. They doubt if God hears our prayers because no pastor is coming out with a direct healing claim over a virus that is set on destroying the world as we know it.

We should stop worrying ourselves with what pastors are unable to do at this crazy time in our human history and be more focused on what we can do for ourselves, spiritually.

And this is where prayer comes in. This is where faith comes in and this is where we take a stand and say boldly “fear be gone!”.

God hears our prayers even as the world is falling to the rot of the corona virus. He is listening but we have stopped communicating. Our words are no longer reaching the heavens because most of us are now of the opinion that, if the church cannot heal the world of the virus then our focus should be on science alone and this is where we are getting it wrong.

I don’t go to church but I believe in God. I don’t follow a particular pastor’s instructions but I pray and fast whenever my spirit decides that it is time to be more than just a physical vehicle.

So I am not here to force religion on the heads of my readers. I am not hear to say, follow a certain pastor or imam. But I am here to tell you that without faith and prayers, this fight against the virus is a futile attempt at surviving.

What is man without a belief system?

Our belief system connects us to the God above and within us. But without faith, prayers and positive affirmations, that connection to the most high is badly severed.

And that is what is happening today. Instead of holding on to faith and positive thinking. Many of us are now lost to fear and by so doing, we open ourselves to every form of negative attacks.

God is still in the business of listening to prayers and I believe that he is still very much involve in managing this pandemic according to a cosmic plan way above our understanding.

We just don’t pray for food and it appears. We pray and go out there and work for money to get food. We don’t just pray for healing but we go out there and get drugs and pray it works faster than usual.

We don’t stay in our houses and pray to be known and famous and it works without us going out there to pay the physical price of hard work and persistence.

The narrative is still the same. We must pray for God to heal the world but while we pray, we must also do our part. By washing hands and maintaining social distance. By working hard as scientists in the search for a cure. By working hard as janitors and medical practitioners, making sure the infected ones are well taken care of.

We pray while we do all the necessary things that we must do. It is absurd to abandon prayers and God and then believe that science and man can do it all.

I know scientists and medical practitioners praying even as they labour through longs hours in laboratories the world over. They are depending on God for that insight!

God hears our prayers even in a world reduced to fear by a virus that will eventually come to an end. After all, whatever has a beginning must surely have an end.

Forget about those rich Nigerian pastors that know nothing about God and faith. It is not about our relationship with them but it is about our relationship with God.

This pandemic is changing the religious narrative. Many of us can’t go to church and kneel before our pastors. The ban on large gathering now forbids that. But for the first time in a long while, we now have the restored right to seek out the face of God directly.

Do so and you would be amazed by the comfort that comes from forming a relationship with God that is not tied to any church or pastor.

You would be surprised that God really hears our prayers and is guiding those who come to him in faith.

I am a philosophy graduate and I really don’t fancy religion but the practice of spirituality that I am an advocate depends on the belief that there is a force called “The Unmoved Mover”. And it is worth finding out its full expression through prayers as well as other means.

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