Corona Virus Might Be The End Of Us In Nigeria

No one wanted corona virus in Nigeria and so we all shouted that all entry points be shut down. The only set of people that stood in opposite to our desire to bar every entry was the ruling class.

They refused to listen to public opinions. They refused to prepare for imminent danger, instead they were careless in their approach. It was their nonchalance that allowed corona virus in to Nigeria.

And now the virus is now spreading amongst the ruling class with the possibility that many in Aso Rock now have the Virus.

The pack is now forcing government to take social distancing to another level which if implemented would create it’s own serious harm.

I have talked about how a corona virus shut down protocol is a bad idea. Because of the economical structure of the country. So that is not the purpose of this post.

My concern is that Corona virus in Nigeria is already making life hard for a lot of persons and even states are not going to find it easy. With signs already manifesting that government workers might begin facing salary issues anytime soon.

Nigeria recently increased the minimum wage to 30,000 naira and that is exactly where the issue might start from.

And Adamawa state is already hinting that the state would be making pay cuts due to the economic havoc corona virus is already causing, globally.

In a press statement signed by the governor’s Director of Communication and Media, Mr Solomon Kumangar said the COVID-19 pandemic prevented the government from paying the consequential adjustment of the national minimum wage agreed upon and duly signed with the joint trade unions, for the month of March.

Just imagine how the situation would be for cilvil servants in a time like this when stocking their homes with food and other essential items is dependent on how much they are paid for the month of March.

A pay cut is a serious blow to the stay at home approach in combating the spread of the virus. Because many people don’t have any savings because what they earn in a month does not allow such luxury.

The statement further said that the government is committed to paying the consequential adjustment with the backlog/arrears as soon as COVID-19 and its negative economic implications abate.

Nobody knows when that is going to happen. And when it does happen, it is possible that things might remain worse economically for months to come.

“It should be noted that the government decided on this and other cost-saving measures to enable it to undertake basic services.

“Finally, the government assures that the welfare of the workforce remains paramount and the centrepiece of Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri’s cardinal agenda,” the statement said

Another fear and imminent danger that might really expose us to a catastrophic end is that we don’t have hospitals well equipped to handle corona virus cases.

The ruling class are notorious for medical tourism. Where they go abroad for medical treatment and maintenance.

Abandoning the blueprints of democracy, which is all about the common good of the masses.

They built no hospitals but instead siphoned funds meant for such projects into private use.

Now that Corona virus is here, it is possible that should the Virus not be contained by any other means.

Our dependency on hospital and medical help would be the end of us all because we lack the needed equipments.

Because the system is so bad, corona virus is currently exploiting every weakness that the Nigerian system possesses.

Accord to reports fuel scarcity might become another issue. The Nigeria Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers (NUPENG) has declared that it may order its members and those of affiliates to stay at home from Friday if the well-being of tanker drivers, marketers, suppliers among others was not guaranteed.

Just imagine!

This is a country with very epileptic electricity condition and many Nigerians depend on fuel not just for electricity generation but for other important tasks as well.

“NUPENG is seriously monitoring the unfolding situation while also putting into account the safety and welfare of these vulnerable and integral segments of our membership, which are of paramount concern to us”, it read.

“In the light of the above, the Union may be forced to direct these workers to stay at home with effect from 00:00hrs on Friday 27th March 2020, this is a very difficult decision but necessary and important with respect to the safety of these set of workers.”

With corona virus in Nigeria life is surely going to get worse before it gets better.

If a full lockdown is implemented. It is expected that the Nigerian Army would be at the center front, forcefully carrying out the the order.

In a classified document from the office of Chief of Army Staff, Yusuf Buratai, addressed to Army Headquarters and seen by SaharaReporters, the Nigerian would definitely be involved.

The memo reads, “All Nigeria Army schools and training centres including the Army War College are to be closed down, while the closing hour for all formations and units has been pegged to 4:00pm except for those on essential duties.

“Planning on lease of excavators, truck, water tankers and other relevant vehicles to aid OP SECOND ELEVEN in the area of possible mass burial, water and essential food/drug supplies, forceful transfer of the sick to the hospital, enforcement of government movement restriction order, etc will be part of it.”

Corona virus in Nigeria means the end of us all because we lack what it takes to combat the spread.

And with the government employing the help of the Nigerian Army for its show of force. It is to be expected that hunger would force many to dare all consequence. Including defying the Nigerian army.

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