Rich Nigerian Pastors Are No Ordinary Citizens

It is normal to see these rich Nigerian pastors display their material wealth as if to tell us that the narrative of humility is no longer valid.

It is normal to see a suffering member of a church empty his pocket and in faith sow into the life of a pastor simply of the belief that “pastor has a special anointing”.

This special anointing is the very reason why a lot of these good for nothing pastors are becoming richer than hard working business men.

But then when you look at churches in Nigeria. It is obvious that churches has become some of the most lucrative businesses anyone can venture into today.

There is so much money and fame to be made. It all depends on the business plan of the pastor. It defends on whether he is charismatic enough to compel his sheep’s to do financial wonders at the expense of their own good.

It is a business and when a man becomes a successful business man with branches scattered all over the world. That man is no longer an ordinary man. He is a man of power!

And men of power often times can fall into the error of seeing themselves as demi gods. Little wonder why your average pastor is more arrogant than an hooligan high on cannabis.

We have all shades of shady pastors in Nigeria, who are so arrogant that any sane fellow would instantly label them a fraud.

But that is not the case with their members. Who are both mentally weak and gullible. The very reasons why these fake arrogant pastors are now first class citizens.

They make their members dumb! They use psychology on them, to the point where these church members begin to see their ordinary pastors as humans who are supernatural.

They get so mentally tortured with false doctrines to the point that their pastors transform into some kind of diety.

Thus becoming more than ordinary.

But the main reason why this rich pastors are no ordinary citizens is because of their acquired material wealth and the belief of their followers.

It is because of the wealth that Dangote possesses that has enabled him to become the richest man in Africa.

It is financial wealth that gives quick power in today’s world and that is the reason why Tinubu is what he is today in Nigerian politics.

It is money that is powerful enough transform a low born into a man of high status even among those who have had wealth from one generation to another.

It is this same money that has catapulted many fake Nigerian pastors beyond the laws of the ordinary citizens.

The money they have acquired overtime, has made them unreachable.

The other factor is the belief that people have in them. These days people have more belief in their rich Nigerian pastors than in God.

A fact that is evident in the lives of many Nigerian church goers. Who find it hard to receive prayers from churches other than their own.

It doesn’t matter how rumoured the power and righteousness of a pastor, unless it is their own pastors. These church goers are just not ready to receive any form of believes.

It is does not matter whether God live there or not. Their faith in God is tied to their belief in their pastor.

What i am trying to say is this. It is the church goers that make these rich Nigerian pastors, rich.

It is their belief in the pastor that make them powerful, not just in their own eyes but in the eyes of others as well.

By giving your money and belief to a pastor, you make them powerful and raise them beyond your reach.

They become larger than life because of your discipline devotion to their material course.

Pastors are getting fatter because members don’t fail in sowing seeds in their lives. They are getting richer because they are collecting more than any single man in the service of the Lord is entitled to.

These rich pastors are no longer ordinary because they are rich and it surprising that some members complain about this.

You just can’t get access to a rich man unless you have some kind of value tied to your person. Being a member is sometimes not enough.

Go to a pastors office without first booking an appointment and see, if you are allow entry.

When a pastor becomes rich and powerful. He is less of a clergy and more of a wealthy man with rules erected for his wellbeing.

Many of them are in business so that they can compete with those American pastors with private jets. Their aim is to become materially rich.

Next time you chose to complain. Ask yourself if you are not also part of the reason why a given pastor has become aloof.

There are good pastors in Nigeria but they are few in number. And most of these good pastors stay far from church money. Fighting off the temptation and maintaining a minimalistic lifestyle that would shock many.

Not all rich Nigerian pastors are fake and not all fake Nigerian pastors are rich. So you better not deceive yourself into believing that a certain pastors must be genuine because he is not that financially buoyant.

Remember that not all con artist are successful but that does not change the fact that they are con artists.


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