The Corona Virus Will Humble The Rich

The cases of corona virus here in Nigeria is finally bridging the gap between the rich and the poor. Finally there is a common threat reducing the power of opulence and installing that of fear.

For a lot of people in the country. The arrival of the disease is what is needed to remind the rich class that no one is truly that powerful.

They have used their financial power to oppress the lower class. Deprive them of needed succour and made sure poverty remain the obstacle they can never overcome.

Corona virus in Nigeria would affect both the poor and rich but for a lot of poor people, it okay as long as they don’t get to suffer alone.

It is a catastrophic experience they are ready to pass through as long as the rich people get to suffer.

People die every day in Nigeria. Mainly because of lack of medical care and facilities.

A bad experience that many of the rich people in the country don’t suffered from because they can afford to travel abroad for medical checkup and possible treatment.

The anger is specifically targeted at the rich people in government or those benefiting from the system at the expense of the people.

Those who rather embezzle funds meant for building new hospitals than put the money to its true purpose.

Those who have implemented corruption as a silent policy in government offices so as to cover their own asses.

Those rich few exploiting the masses either through religious conflicts or political malpractices, which in turn has made life hard for common Nigerians.

It is towards this class of rich people that this evil thinking of possible death is being projected at.

The common man in Nigeria is always the victim, no matter the situation on ground. And for a life time Nigerians have been praying that the ruling class should share in their daily pain and suffering.

And corona virus was allowed into the country by the same ruling class. As poverty was not enough, the ruling class allowed the borders open, not until the spread became as real as the various apocalyptic death threats seen in movies.

And that the virus is here, the common Nigerians are now praying that they don’t suffer alone.

That the virus unlike the many other misfortunes in the country that targets only their class, visit the rich and mighty in the society. So that for once, these animals might realize that human life is more important than politics or tribalism.

The news of the son of powerful Nigerian like Atiku was enough firewood to stoke up the fires of this evil prayer.

In some quarters it is the best news since the corona virus outbreak. And they are praying he does not survive it which is pure evil.

While for others, the fact that both the rich and poor can get affected is a good fact, only because it would prompt the ruling class to really find ways of combating the spread.

For them, Atiku’s son testing positive to corona virus would wake the ruling class and force them to act fast in curbing the spread.

For this class of poor Nigerians, the prayer is not for anyone to die even among the rich. It is simply a prayer that the virus humble them all (the ruling class).

To help them realize that their class and money would not spare them from the virus unless they take proactive steps in combating the corona virus spread.

Whether it ends in death or not. One thing is certain, the ruling class is now living in fear. The same fear that is the daily narrative of every poor Nigerian.

Traveling abroad can no longer save them. They are stuck with us and unless the disease subsides or a cure is invented.

There would be no escape for a class that has cause so many deaths and impoverished so many Nigerians.

The money they have stolen and all the material wealth they have all acquired will not save them. They are meaningless in the face of the Corona virus.

All their money cannot buy a cure or prevent the disease from spreading about. Just one bad human contact and it is game over for them.

Just like the poor man, they are now living in fear. Corona virus in Nigeria is a lesson and we pray they learn, that doing the right thing is always the best way to go.

Doing the right thing in the face of the Corona virus spread was to close every entry point into the country.

But they didn’t.

And now that the corona virus in Nigeria is spreading fast. These morons are still finding new means of stealing from the people.

Truly, the Corona virus will humble the rich people in Nigeria.

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