Davido And Chioma And The story of Hypocrisy

Davido And Chioma

  • Davido and Chioma are still together. Davido has promised marriage. Who knows, it could be tomorrow.

Davido and Chioma has become a constant feature on various gossip blogs when ever the theme of Baby Mama is the subject of discussion.

The celebrity couple is now a perfect example of Gold Digging on the part of Chioma and emotional spinelessness on the part of Davido.

At least that is what the critics are saying and want us to believe.

Everyone now seem to know more than they should about moral standards as they pertain to out of wedlock romance and child bearing.

The love story between Davido and Chioma has survived numerous slander and hate projectiles from people who themselves are no better.

Hypocrisy has become a currency aplenty in the pockets of many Nigerians and with which their show of generosity is threatening to know no bounds.

So what are the issues?

For many people Chioma is just another Gold Digger!

And this claim is mostly made by the female folks. Regardless of the fact that it looks like and is, the bringing down of a fellow woman.

These self appointed judges are of the opinion that the only reason Chioma is with Davido is simply because of the money. That the  interest is in Davido net worth and nothing else,

By their arguments it seems every girl is just another Gold Digger waiting to happen.

Unknown to them as ladies they all fall under that same umbrella. Because I am yet to meet a lady that does not want a man with money.

In fact in today’s world money is a perquisite for any guy that wants to have the juiciest ladies.

Even the ugly ones with faces like that of a gorilla are now making monetary demands like their aesthetically endowed relative at the top of the sexual food chain.

And it is all for good reasons. Money is the magic that promises a good life. One free from unnecessary suffering and filled with all kinds of comforts.

I believe, be it a man or a woman, nobody wants to suffer. Especially the kind that can be avoided.

It is thus in our nature to avoid suffering by every means possible. And sometimes it is not just about suffering, it is about getting the best.

Because getting the best makes us feel special. It could be a fine face, a guy that is very intelligent or a very strong guy that can really protect the girl from physical attack.

Money is power.

And it is funny that people would take offence in the fact that it is part of human nature to get power.

In the case of Chioma, dating a guy like Davido with money, class and a very high celebrity status translate into a life of power that places her above many girls in her level and in life in general.

Which is not a bad thing!

And this is why I am calling all her accusers Hypocrites! Because these are the same ladies disturbing different churches with prayer requests of a rich guy as boo.

Yet are quick to call Chioma names simply because she is that woman living the dream they  desperately want but can’t get.

They are fasting and praying to have their own man but yet would not allow the poor lady enjoy the privileges bestowed on her by love.

Like I said, it is in our interest to seek out the best in life.

Chioma herself is a beautiful lady and Davido is smitten by that aura of softness around her and thus decided to make her his woman on that basis.

We are all attracted to money, beauty and privilege. And to see people try to fight this fact simply because of petty jealousy is CRAZY!

Davido is one of those Nigerian celebrities who were born abroad. Which means he has a dual citizenship.

And it was really bad when the social media gossip took their jealousy on Chioma’s baby when the little boy was finally declared a US citizen.

“Finally she has gotten what she cane for” Cried the many online trolls.

These idiots! Many who go bed at night crying for a love life has refused to understand that the best way to attract a particular kind of blessing is to be happy for those already enjoying such blessings.

They are nothing but hypocrites because many of them are in the DM of Davido, either begging for cash or sex and yet, can’t wrap their heads around the fact that another woman made it into his heart.

They call her “Just a Baby Mama and nothing else”.

And many of them are in worse situations. Having babies for guys that don’t want them as well as the babies.

But despite that fact, they still come online and insult another woman for having a baby outside of wedlock.

Can you imagine the stench!

There is nothing unusual about the love story of Davido and Chioma. It is only normal that as humans we look for the best qualities in people.

Better still when these people are our lovers or spouse.

Personally I think no man should ever   allow himself to date unless they can take care of themselves and their partner financially.

Money is everything in today’s world. Without it life is hard and tedious. And with lots of it, even the dullest love story can take on a sudden shine.

It is a necessity! And we should all get enough of it rather than waste time on social media insulting those who have made it. Happiness is a necessity and we must all pursue it, Getting a very beautiful woman in our life can bring happiness and getting a rich guy can also bring happiness. But that does not mean these external values are all there is to the romance. There is more to love, romance and relationships. But no matter the kind of relationship, money and beauty remains a necessity that should be acquired.

Those vilifying Davido and Chioma are just Hypocrites! And don’t deserve any form of attention.

It is like faulting the Cinderella story and the many other love narratives that appeal to the romantic in us all.

If she was just another basic looking girl, without the beauty that stole Davido’s heart it would have been impossible to have the singer wrapped round her fingers. If Davido was just another random dude it is possible to posit that Chioma would currently be with someone else that has all it takes to maintain her. This is the reason why we are all hustling on a daily, so we can get the best in life by first becoming the best versions of ourselves. Stop complaining and bitching about on the internet about a couple that should be nothing else but the motivation you need to go work on yourself.

He has money and social status, while she has beauty. In our world beauty can be converted into many other form of value.

Like easily becoming a lover, wife and mother and many other things.

What are your opinions on Davido and Chioma relationship?

Do you think she is a Gold Digger? If you do, then you are crazy!


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