Arrested For Having Sex With Own Daughter,

A Nigerian male from Imo state is now currently in police custody for having sex with his own daughter on multiple occasions.

And as if the display of sexual insanity is not bad enough. He is also accused of inviting his friends over to his house to sleep with his daughter.

This is the first time that I would be hearing a sexual molestation story of this kind.

The 44 year -old- man, Chimnonso Okonkwo, who resides in Orji, Owerri North Local Government Area of Imo State has shown that most men are not worthy of becoming fathers.

Who does that? Which normal man would find pleasure in having sex with his own daughter and as if that is not barbaric enough, he invites friends over to have canal knowledge of his 15 years old daughter.

Was it prostitution? Or was it something even more sinister? Or maybe it is just another case of a deranged pervert.

Whatever it is, a father has no business playing with the nudity and innocence of his daughter. This mad man just overstepped natural boundaries and should be severely dealt with.

According to Guardian

The Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), in the state, Orlando Godson Ikeokwu confirmed the arrest and had the following to say concerning the matter.

“It is noteworthy, that it wasn’t the first time this is happening, and that he normally invites his friends who come to his house to have canal knowledge of his own daughter,” Ikeokwu said in a statement on Tuesday.

“He has been detained, while investigation into the incident has commenced.”

There are many mad men roaming free in Nigeria. And the many kids that grow up under the lunacy would be the victims, too afraid to speak out.

If you are one of those men like this idiotic Nigerian, who obviously have no issues having sex with his own daughter. Then be expectant that your day of reckoning is also near.


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