Burna Boy Net Worth And The Principle of Consistency

Burna Boy Net worth

  • Burna Boy Net Worth is above $10 million. Which is just an estimate pegged at the lowest.

Today we shall be talking about Burna Boy net worth and how that page in his life is greatly influenced by the principle of consistency.

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I believe strongly that if Burna Boy continue on this path, he would one day become another successful member on that long list of Nigerian celebrities in Hollywood.

He is currently the most marketable musician on the African continent with many people comfortable with calling him African Giant.

He has already crossed over into the international market with his brand already on demand in both America and Britain.

People are just beginning to take notice of this young and very talent Nigerian musician.

But that does not mean he just got here. He has been this talented for as long as we can remember and we kid you not by making this claim.

The first Burna Boy song that made me a fan was the hit single Smoke Some Weed.

I still remember forming a smoking circle with my friends in school, passing the blunt around even as we listened to Burna Boy and his understanding of what it feels like to smoke weed.

He has come a long way since then and the Nigerian music scene is much better because of his presence.

It has been a long journey since then but finally, the brother is now wearing the crown that should have been his, since the beginning.

I became aware of Burna Boy musically since 2011 when he released the mixed tape Burn Identity.

Look at how long it took before he was finally given the recognition he deserved.

The point is, progress and true success take time and consistency is the vehicle that can help us reach the finish line of any endeavor that demands talent and discipline.

Burna Boy Net WorthSo What Is Consistency?

Let us start with a quote and maybe that would be sufficient enough.

It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently. – Anthony Robbins

According to IqMatrix:

To be consistent means to fully dedicate yourself completely to a task, activity or goal. It means to fully stay engaged without distraction.

To be consistent requires a commitment on your part. It requires that you commit yourself to a sustained effort of action over the long-term.

What this essentially means is that you keep your word to yourself and others that you will follow through with what you set out to do consistently over a period of time up until the moment your objectives are achieved.

As such, consistency is all about your ability to be dependable, reliable and responsible for all your choices, decisions and actions.

And that is exactly how Burna Boy net worth became a topic of discussion worthy of a blog post.

He started from a place of obscurity and talent and over time built a brand that has now taken over the world when it comes to Afro Beat or Afro Fusion.

It would have been easy to give up especially when many people at that time could hardly recognize his kind of music for what it really was.

The future of Nigerian music.

He was always good with songs but it would take years later for the glory he deserved to finally find him.

But if he had played his role without the rule of consistency, there is no way he be getting this much hype and fame.

He paid the price by steady grinding. By daily sowing musical seeds in the hearts of his listeners.

Success is about sowing, nurturing and harvesting. Success is like a pot of beautiful flowers.

For it to blossom and be its best. It must be watered and placed under the sun. This practice can only yield good results if it is carried out on a daily basis.

Everyday counts!

So how is your work life? It is the best version yet?

You have creative talent and you want to become the next big name, just like Sade Adu who went on to become the first Nigerian to win a Grammy award.

But how many times a day do you practice you craft? How many compositions are tucked somewhere with greatness written over them.

How many times a week do you go out there and try to make your dream a manifested reality?

Because everyday counts!

And because everyday counts it is our duty to make sure, every minute of our lives are dedicated to that single dream that is almost like our life’s purpose.

When we use consistency as a principle for achieving any aim, we indirectly teach ourselves the art of discipline and of strong will.

Burna Boy Net WorthMoney making virtues that should be a must in the arsenal of dreamers, no matter the field of contest.

It is the principle that would get people interested about your human story.

The same way people are interested in Burna Boy net worth would become the same way people would become interested in yours.

Unlike other articles on Burna Boy net worth scattered on the internet. I am not interested in writing about the exact figure of his net worth.

Because I believe those are issues easy to make mistakes about. And I think it would defeat our purpose here at colored writers.

Which is to present facts.

Whenever Forbes releases a list on this subject with Burna Boy net worth is part of the content. Then we shall gladly include the digits on this post.

Instead we are concern with his net worth and one of the principle that made it possible.

We know he is very rich, with a net worth running into millions of dollars.

But we believe by talking about one of the principles of success he has applied in the building of his material empire, we would be helping our readers become more success orientated.

Consistency has overtime made Burna Boy a more rounded entertainer. That steady process was all he needed to craft his skill to the level it is today.

And the same applies to you.

Put in work, everyday in every week, every week in every month and every month in every year. That way you give your self a gradual but natural growth that cannot be denied. And when it seems like that is the case, others with the voice will speak out for you.

Just as was the case with the Grammy lose to Angelique Kidjo, that prompted Naomi Campbell to pour out what many people felt when Burna Boy did not emerge the winner.

According to her:

“”First, I want to say deepest congratulations to @angeliquekidjo for her award on Sunday, and thank you to you for spreading light and opening minds through your music…

“And to our AFRICAN GIANT, @burnaboygram… it is only due to lack of education that you have not been Burna Boy Net Worthhonored with the accolades you so truly deserve. You are always a winner in our hearts. ALWAYS.

“And to The @RecordingAcademy, there is something that brings joy, strength and happiness to myself, and to so many people that hear it, and it is called Afrobeats. Afrobeats is a musical genre played on mainstream and primetime radio not only across the continent of Africa, but across the world…

“Recently, the genre was categorized into your ‘World Music’ category at the 2020 Grammys. This misrepresentation diminishes an entire genre in which such a high standard of talent has emerged; a genre that has been a force of hope and positivity for many, and a vehicle for artistry on the continent of Africa.

“Please take the next 363 days to reassess and reflect on your perspective of ‘World Music.’ Did the world get to vote for this award, or was it only the people in the United States a part of The Recording Academy?

“What will this neglectful categorization of music mean to individual cultures? Cultures who contribute their blood, sweat and tears, and every level of their creativity and work ethic into making music for YOU and for all of us.

“Please get up to speed on the state of all popular music today, and include Afrobeats Artist of the Year, Song of the Year, Album of the Year and all the subcategories that this genre so deserves – just as any other respected and recognized musical genre.

“This is bigger than you, so open your eyes, ears and minds and treat us right and with the respect we deserve. #ForTheCulture #NAOMIAFRICA #grammys.”

Even Angelique Kidjo had sweet words for what consistency had brought to the international stage in the person of Burna Boy. Receiving the award, she dedicated it to the Nigerian singer, saying:

“Four years ago on this stage, I was telling you that the new generation of artists coming from Africa are going to take you by storm.

“And the time has come. This is for Burna Boy.

“Burna Boy is among those young artists that come from Africa that is changing the way our continent is perceived and the way African music has been the bedrock of every music.”

But to get an idea of Burna Boy net worth it would be wise to recall some notable moments of the singers life from 2019. Some money spending moment.

In December 2019 alone, the singer bought two expensive cars, a week apart from each other.

The first was a 2013 model of the Italian supercar, the Ferrari 458 worth $340,000 and a The burgundy Rolls Royce Dawn,  worth $346,000 (N125,000,000).

Consistency is one of the missing keys to success and people should do well to use that principle in creating their fantasy realm here on earth.

A life of opulence through discipline and handwork, is a story of true legacy worth telling over and over again.

Responding to claims of his net worth on the internet, the singer had this to say.

They said I’m worth $3.5mill…That won’t even buy my cars. I might have to start doing some showing off. Nah. That’s not me. Imma just let u run with whatever ur blogs tell u. $3.5 tho. I’m dead,” he wrote.

“Fun fact: By the time I recorded ”All eyes on me” I was dancing around that 3.5 level.”

With that being said, it is obvious that Burna Boy net worth is very much above $10 million if $3.5 won’t even be enough to buy his cars.

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