13 Sad Facts On Women Wearing See Through Dresses

We see them, women wearing see through dresses on our streets. And no matter the call for morality or decency, the trend would continue unhindered.

In fact that tradition of semi nudity is not ending anytime soon, rather it promises to become worse. We see images of young girls on different Naija News outlets.

Skimpy the attire they put on.

The thing with nudity in our time, is that it has become a way of life. To go nude no longer negates the standard a woman should hold unto. For that reason we are seeing even the innocent among the bunch play by this dangerous rule of nudity. Forgetting the consequence.

They forget that how a woman dresses defines her. They forget that a decent woman is that woman who closes her private parts and do not easily provoke public attention for the wrong reasons. Not the type that presents herself as a sex object, all she will get is a stiff erection that only wants to penetrate her and nothing more.

Like the title rightly suggests, women wearing see through dresses use their semi nudity as a means to an end. They  use it as a tool of attraction. To attract attention, that they want most of the time to translate into romance or sexual contracts.

And this underlying intent in itself is a definition of a WHORE!

It is true that every woman should have the spirit of seduction in her but that does not mean a full display of her jewels. That does not mean her breasts should answer to full display.

But the sad truth is, no sane man would take serious any female with nudity as the theme of her seduction  game. For the simple reason that no man should love a whore!

So if you plan to get a man, going nude is not the right route to take!

In fact, it is the quickest way to loose value!

women wearing see through dresses

No normal girl with self respect and actual worth can go online and display her goods like this.

Women Wearing See Through Dresses-The facts

  1. As men we like nasty girls but we fear them at the same time. We want to have fun with them and that is just that, fun!
  2. We see ladies always displaying their nudity as CHEAP! A core symptom of a whore that as men we want to play around with but not keep.
  3. Because we cannot wife a whore, we cannot take serious a woman displaying the symptoms.
  4. Women wearing see through dresses are actually the architects of the growing objectification of the woman child. You can not dress like that and expect a man not to see you as a sex object.
  5. Naturally men are attracted to sex. we want sex and most times in order to get that sex we give love. That is to say that for many men, love is just a means to an end. Which is SEX! So when a woman brings her nakedness to the table before the man even thinks of using love, care and all that as a bait. He simply takes the nakedness and sex and walks off.
  6. The increasing nudity we see on daily basis has actually devalued sex and the woman body to a very large extent. That when we come across such females we instantly begin to treat then like non essential commodities. Something to be used and disposed and nothing more.
  7. Not every man is Kanye West who can actually take as reality his wife’s nudity scattered all over the media. I know i don’t want that. I know i don’t want to have a child with that kind of woman as mum, especially here in Africa, where such sins are never deleted. A past sin that would be used in making her kids depressed and ashamed. Because the insults will never end!
  8. As a woman if you want a man, to keep a man. Then be decent, learn to respect your body and your body would automatically demand that respect.
  9. In lay man terms excessive nudity is a woman’s most potent means of defining herself as a WHORE!
  10. IF You don’t want to be treated as cheap then stop wearing see through dresses like its the moral thing to do.
  11. You can’t be dressing like a whore or rather a prostitute and expect to be called a nurse.
  12. You can’t come online and then post naked pictures on your timeline. That is the profession of a whore or like most people would say, Social Media Prostitute.
  13. A man wants a woman whose entire value is not tied to her body. What about her mind and virtues? Be the female that has those to offer.



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