Is The Corona Virus A Message From God?

Go online and you would discovered that Corona virus is now the most trending topic. And it does matter whether you are white or black, Christian or Muslim.

The virus has broken every social and cultural divide. It is affecting us all and while the world grapples with failing economy and a struggle against the disease.

Many are now wondering if the Corona virus is a message from God. And it is not just the overtly religious ones. It is now a human question.

There is no need crying out, that our world has became a comfortable bed of decadence.

A world troubled by poverty and obesity at the same time. A world cursed by both the rich and the poor.

A world where darkness is the winning team. And light or goodness, the frail and archaic standard for human conduct that no one wants to be completely in love with.

Many are now going about, preaching about the final days and the arrival of Doom’s day. And I kid you not, if this is the end then it is nothing like we had imagined.

But far from this group of “end of the world fanatic’s” are those who believe that this all pandemic is Providence trying to tell us, that human life is the gift and not material things.

But when you look at the whole human journey. It is clear that we have become so material. As if that is all there is to life.

People are chasing vanity more than moral principles. People spend more time at work than with their families. Worldly achievements now is the standard for measuring a powerful human being and not his ties to God or morality.

We have become lost, chasing the wrong things in life. To the pint that we have forgotten that there is God or rather a Force out there.

A force so powerful that it can press the reset button and not even the most powerful nations on earth can do a thing about it.

A force against which nuclear arsenals and military strength mean nothing.

Just look at the world powers, losing it. Look at the so called civilised nations of the world panicking because of the arrival of Corona virus.

The disease has humbles us all and one by one, we are all returning back to our faith. We are now remembering that maybe there is a God in heaven.

We are now calling for help, from an invincible force that both science and material ignorance had once forced our mind to reject as mere illusion.

God is now coming back into the picture because of fear. People are dying and with each new death, people the world over are now beginning to ponder of Life After Death.

And that is the very domain of God. Just don’t worry about the Devil at this point because I think God is the biggest player when we talk about Life After Death.

But this is not even about death. This is about remembering that there is more to life than just the material.

This is about the world standing still and realizing that truly, there is more than our ego and love for oppression, hate and divisiveness.

The Corona virus is bringing humanity together, through the unfailing power of fear ad death.

As a race we now face a common threat and as people of this world we now gather together in both faith and hope. The way it was intended.

This is what they meant, when they say “corona virus is a message from God”. Not about God killing us all so that we come to fear him or her even more.

The whole idea is to put before us our humanity and help us realize that we are nothing without each other.

And that we should always live life in this together and not outside of it. The message is a lesson, about putting humanity first.

A message that is very important for the monsters who work tirelessly in their laboratory, creating viruses and chemical weapons aimed at killing fellow human beings because of hate, racism and demonic agendas.

This virus is teaching us that we need to work more on bettering our humanity. To walk diligently on moral grounds than imperialistic paths, that can only lead us to doom.

Corona virus is attacking the world and something deep inside of me, believe that the virus is man made.

A man made experiment that went wrong and started killing even those that are responsible for it’s creation.

This is no mistake or a nightmarish freak of nature, on a prowl looking for who to devour.

This death threat is a man made attempt to play God. To control the people of the world through fear. To reduce the world population indirectly.

And if this is true then the message is simple “stop playing God”.

We are just humans and the fact that many of us go about telling people not to believing in the “Most High”, is enough as far as playing Big Brother is concern.

To take it beyond this level and start creating issues for a world you dis not create is plain devilish.

The world is gradually reaching a universal Stand Still. And the message from God, if any.

Is take your time out and ponder about what is really important. If is human life or an artificial bliss structured upon a materialistic farce that can be wiped out even by the tiniest virus.

The virus is everywhere now and the message remains the same, look for your humanity and cherish it. See that same humanity in others and protect it.

Just this morning the news of Atiku’s son contacting the virus made the various news headlines and with each passing day, corona virus in Nigeria might spell a greater doom for us all.

I would employ us all to continue to pray for better times. We know many Nigerian pastors are as fake as products made in Aba.

But praying is and should be a personal ritual. This is not the time to say pastors this and that. Now it is everyman to his own deep seated belief.

Wash your hands and pray!

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